Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

Less than two weeks to go until Christmas Eve. Do you have all your present’s ready? Well, me neither. But I did come up with a bunch of gift ideas that I’d like to share with you. As a rule, I only ever give away gifts that I personally like. Also, I try to make it something that is not uncalled-for – our homes are filling up with too much stuff anyways.

I think books are always great presents, so are things that you can use up, like booze or fancy foods. I also love to give away little sets of things that do not only fit together but also really match the person receiving the gift. Last but not least I think something you made yourself or something personal like an invitation to dinner is a great present!

For more tangible suggestions, check my gift guide* for 5 different types of people that you might have in your family or circle of friends.

For the booze loving lady



Die Trinkende Frau by Elisabeth Raether

A set of pineapple shot glasses

A beautiful bar set

A nice bottle of booze, e.g. some Nikka Whiskey

An invitation to Cocktail Hour at your place


For the friend who has a green finger



A succulent in a pretty pot

This pretty miniature rake for house plants

A leaf painting by Carmi Grau

House of Plants: Living with Succulents, Air Plants and Cacti by Caro Langton

A little greenhouse for next year’s seedlings


For the homebody


Poems & Songs by Leonard Cohen

A record, for example The Boxer by The National

A tea egg and some nice tea

Some homemade sweets


For the epicurious


A glass of preserved Lemons

The Calendarium Culinarium – a beautiful poster of seasonal foods

A cookbook, for example Eat by Nigel Slater

Pieces of the great, nested Japanese Sitaku kitchen tools

An invitation for dinner


For the stationary geek


A fountain pen

A brass pencil case & ruler

Some nice notebooks, these for example

Or anything from Present & Correct


  • This post contains some affiliate links to – the money earned through any purchases made via this post will go to one of the good causes I plan on donating to in December – I will keep you updated about this!

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  • Wonderful ideas (especially the stationary ones!)! And as a rule, I also only give things I personally like and would keep myself. (except if someone has a particular wish) This year I tried to reduce my plastic waste and therefore my parents get plastic free lunchboxes and Kleen Kanteen bottles as well as vegetable nets for shopping.
    Sometimes I buy nice things at a flea market – those are the truly unique gifts.

    • Thank you. Those are great ideas, too and suggestions for the environmentally conscious were also on my list! And flea market gems are truly the best gifts – thinking of this makes my miss flea markets in Berlin or Leipzig…