#gobacktoblogging 2016

In my #gobacktoblogging group on Facebook, me and some other bloggers decided to commit ourselves to one week of daily posts. We wanted to reflect on the why and how of blogging and were wondering what one week of consistent blogging will do with us and our blogging routine. It was only last night that I decided on a theme for this: Back to the Roots.

I wonder, why are vlogs – videos  that follow a person through her day – so popular, while the written online diary seems to have lost its popularity? I started online diary keeping, many many years ago, using a service called Livejournal. I was young, insecure and definitely very emo – Livejournal was an outlet where I post thoughts and feelings on a daily basis and shared them with a closed group of users. I hardly knew any of the in real life in the beginning but made at least on very important connection through this: I found my best friend, Lisa. While I am glad that I have deleted those journals and that I used obscure nicknames back then, I wonder what would happen if, for one week, I would keep a daily diary here on the blog.

The last time I did this, was during my trip to Sydney and while this seems fairly easy to do when you are on vacation, I am curious if I can do this in my everyday life, too. Funnily enough right now seems the busiest time of the year at work and I don’t want to blog about work on this blog. So I will have to keep my eyes and ears open for things to blog about that are not work related. This might be a good thing. By the end of the day, I will have to reflect which experiences or thoughts are worth sharing. I will need to be even more aware of the little things. This is an experiment and I am really excited how this will turn out. Bear with me, if it get’s boring, after this week everything will probably go back to normal!

Three Rules

#1: Find something interesting to post every day for the next 7 days.

#2: No sharing or posting on Social Media for the next 7 days, apart from those posts here on the blog. If I find a link I like, or take a picture it will be included in my post at the end of the day.

#3: Post every day, no matter how busy it gets.

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