Looking Up To The Sun Through Tears

The ever brilliant Charlotte Schreiber has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to publish the photos documenting her 44-day journey through Japan in a beautiful book that she created together with graphic designer Max Weinland. I have been waiting for this news ever since she posted a sneak preview of the book a few months ago and I really hope it will become reality.

As you know by now, I am more than fond of Japan and a piece of my heart still resides somewhere in Tokyo. I imagine it to live in a tiny house in Yanaka or Tomigaya, from where it sometimes hops on a Shinkansen train, traveling to Onsen Towns and temples in the mountains.

It was Charlotte’s journey and the beautiful photographs, some of which she shared on Instagram last year, that really sparked my wish to go on that second Japan trip. A trip that was even more beautiful than the first one. I wonder what the book will do as soon as it finds a place in our home. I hope it will serve as a remedy when the longing gets too strong – a little bit of Japan to flip through whenever we feel the need to go back – and as a reminder that one day soon, I’ll have to go back. It will allow me to travel to places I have been and to discover new places I might have to go to. So please let’s make this book happen!

Find out more about the project on Kickstarter and give it your support.

Images & Video by Charlotte Schreiber

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