A Perfect Weekday Morning

To be honest, weekday mornings like the one described below are the exception, not the rule. Most mornings, I sleep too long and will have to rush into the shower, drink my coffee while applying my makeup, throw on some clothes and take the quickest tram connection to work. But occasionally, I manage to be a morning person and it’s those mornings that bring me the most joy.

The alarm clock goes off at 6:30 every morning. On a perfect morning, after a little bit of snooze and cuddles with the cat, I will get up with enough time on my hands to dedicate to the following three things.

Some Minutes of Yoga

Immediately after emerging from between the sheets, I put on my yoga pants and spend the next 10 to 20 minutes on the mat. Yoga is a fairly new part of my mornings, but it helps to wake up the different parts of my body and allows me to focus on my breath. It’s astonishing how much more in sync I am after a Yoga session – you should try it out.

A Proper Breakfast

Revived and awake, I take a last deep breath and head to the kitchen, where I put on the kettle and prepare some coffee for me and the boyfriend. While the coffee is brewing, I feed the cat and go for a quick scroll through my Instagram feed. Sometimes I set up some porridge that we let steep while hitting the bathroom. On other mornings we will just have some homemade granola with yoghurt. While we air out the apartment, we sit down at the table, eat our breakfast, drink our coffee and reflect on the day to come. I have never been much of a breakfast person, but in recent years I have learned how important the first meal of the day really is.

Walking to Work

As soon as the days are getting warmer and the sun comes out in the mornings, I love to walk to work. Sometimes I stroll past the university and enjoy the view of the city, or I walk along the river and dream of summer days. In the old town always try to take a different route. Eventually, I will arrive at the lake. On a clear day I can see the mountains, but even when the fog still lingers over the city, it’s the most beautiful sight. In the little park close to the shore I like to pause for a minute or so. I have almost reached the office now, but there is still some time to take in the fresh air, to enjoy the light and to watch the rowers drawing their lines across the empty lake. It takes me around 40 to 45 minutes to walk all the way to work, but it’s definitely a time well spent that does no only invigorate my body, but also clears my head and fills my camera roll:

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