Ten Years

In March 2007 I purchased the domain and started this blogging endeavour for real. I was thinking long and hard about a special post to celebrate this anniversary, but after going through old posts and pictures, I just started writing. You find the result below.

10 Years of Blogging

2007 Collage | KTINKA

In 2007 I had black hair, I lived and studied in Leipzig. Just like today, I did not like to have my picture taken, but I took many self-portraits, that I considered ‘artsy’ – just look at that Godard reference in the second picture! I owned a pink flip phone and had just moved into a flat share. I had been blogging for some years already – there was the infamous Livejournal when I was in my late teens and very early 20s, as well as the music blog I mentioned in my last post.

Blogging was different back then, much more personal and in a way, I am glad that at some point in 2012 I accidentally deleted everything I had posted in the years prior to that date. In the beginning, I still wrote in German and talked a lot about university, concerts, my life in Leipzig and other things that I considered interesting. In the meantime, a lot has changed. I went back to my natural blonde, finished university, started a job, moved to Berlin and ultimately to Zurich. I take fewer selfies now. The anxious 20-something did turn into a rather confident, much more outgoing 30-something.

But, the basics of this blog have remained the same: I still love to go for walks and take pictures, books are one of my favourite things in the world, cooking and baking is something I still find highly satisfactory and I am still quite passionate about music. Also, I always wanted to keep up some of that blogging spirit of 2007, when the not so secret ingredient for a good post was not a catchy headline containing the words “How to …” or “5 things to…”.  I cannot tell you how to live your life, but I can show you parts of mine.

Obviously, my blogging habits have changed in those past 10 years and there were times when I blogged more and times when I blogged less. It definitely got less when I started working and when other social networks, like Instagram, emerged. I wrote about this at length last year. After that, I tried to find some kind of blogging routine. It worked out okay. I just wish the week had a few more hours I could dedicate to blogging. So, bear with me when I am in a slump or when ‘real life’ get the better of me and I am not posting for weeks.

A Big Thank You!

But, enough about me, this is the moment where I get cheesy and say thanks to all those who are (still) reading this, I am happy about each and every visitor who finds this little corner of the internet that I have been calling my own for a decade now. Because let’s be honest, it’s nice to see that someone actually reads the stuff I write and looks at the pictures I take. Thanks, guys!

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  1. “I cannot tell you how to live your life, but I can show you parts of mine.”
    vll die schönste Zeile die ich seit langem gelesen habe.

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