A Band Named ‘Girl Ray’

Fun fact: my first blog was a music blog. I had recently moved to Leipzig to study and had my first “flat-rate” internet connection. Consequently, I would spend nights scouring the web for new music. Frequent stays in Stockholm had a large influence on my taste in music, so I was very much into Indie Pop. I named the blog “Music is My Boyfriend” – referencing a song by the Hidden Cameras, compiled playlists, wrote about bands I had discovered, wrote concert reviews and posted photos I had taken at concerts. While my love for music has not faltered since it has played less of a role in my blogging endeavours. So, I think it’s time give music more space here on the blog and to start sharing new (and old) music crushes with you.

First up is a band called Girl Ray that reminds me of an updated version of my beloved Marine Girls. Just like them, Girl Ray come from the UK and produce dreamy lo-fi pop that is brought life through their vocals and lyrics.

(Photo via Girl Ray)

In an article that appeared in the Guardian at the beginning of this month, the band claims to have formed over a mutual love for indie pop acts like Cat Le Bon and a shared loathing of the stuff girls in their class were occupying themselves with. They released their first track “I’ll make this fun” while studying for their A-Levels – oh if I had only had known more girls like Poppy Hanking, Iris McConnell and Sofie Moss when I was in school/university. My friend T. and I would have had a great time hanging out with them, loathing everyone else.

‘Stupid Things’ is the band’s most recent track and it is the one that caught my ear immediately. In the Guardian, Poppy Hanking claims the song is “about crushing really hard on someone and finding myself doing fucking ridiculous things, like watching films that they mentioned fleetingly or ordering their favourite drink at a bar” … if this was a game of I Have Never Ever, I’d have to drink a shot at this point.

Girl Ray have released some more songs via Spotify and Bandcamp and while I really enjoy all of them, it’s the video for ‘Trouble’ that deserves a special mention. I love, love, love the aesthetics of the clip. Also, where can I get that Freddy Mercury plate?

According to their label Moshi Moshi, Girl Ray are due to release their first full-length album this spring. I am really looking forward to that. Until then I will keep listening to those tracks that are available on repeat and hope that one day they will play a gig here in Zurich.

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