How I Manage to Shop Less

My wardrobe is full, I am quite content with my overall style and the selection of clothes I currently own – it’s time to start and shop less. There are a bunch of black jeans, a pair of “blue-mom” jeans and many, many black and white shirts. I also own several blouses, dresses, printed tees, comfy sweaters, sneakers, boots and lots of other stuff.

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In the past years, I have become much more aware of the things I buy and started to shop less. One reason for this was obviously the rising awareness towards the more than dodgy production standards of many fashion companies, as well as the impact of fast fashion on the environment.

Another reason was that I kept giving away clothes without having worn them much or at all. Something that started to felt super wasteful. These were rare pieces that I had worn for a long time and gotten sick of, but mostly stuff I had bought during sales season and that I did not really like once they entered my wardrobe. After the nth bag of discarded clothing, I knew something had to change.

My 5 Golden Rules to Shop Less

So, for the last 2 years, I have been avoiding the sales season and most fast fashion outlets. I am not perfect so there is the occasional visit to COS or & Other Stories, but I really do try to wear what I already own and to shop primarily at places that sell sustainable and fair fashion. The thing that had the biggest impact though is that I have become much better at deciding if I truly want or need something. My trick is to go through the following five questions before buying something:

1. Will I wear this for more than a season?

2. Was it produced fair?

3. Is it made of sustainable materials?

4. Is the quality good enough, so it will last for more than a year?

5. Does it fit my overall style and can I style it with stuff I already own?

It’s a no-brainer, really. But, if I can answer at least 4 of them with a “yes”, I am allowed to buy the item I am looking at. You can imagine that I often leave stores empty-handed. But sometimes I leave with the perfect piece in my shopping bag, knowing that I will have lots of fun wearing it.

Some Fashion Favourites for Spring & Summer 2017

On a lighter note, it is spring and the prospect of summer always makes me want to get some new stuff. So, I recently did some digging through the websites of some labels I like and found five pieces that do adhere to my shopping rules.

1 – Esplar Low Leather Sneakers by Veja – The mission of Veja is to create a supply chain that respects both humans and the environment. So, this pair will probably replace my favorite Nikes that are already quite worn out.

2 – Viento Kaftan by Jungle Folk – Jungle Folk is a small sustainable label from Zurich that produces small collections of timeless and simple pieces. I already purchased this kaftan in a nice rusty color last year, but I have to say that I really love the shade of blue of this year’s version. I wore it a lot on our road trip through Wisconsin last year and it turned out to be the perfect dress for traveling on warm summer days.

3 – Amelia Jacket by American Apparel – RIP American Apparel. Our relationship was complicated. I never liked our CEO and you were the source of many of my bad buys. But, you also did supply me with many basics and a few of my favorite pieces. Like this bomber jacket. It’s so perfect that, I had to get it in black and in rosé. I wear both at least once a week, it’s true love.

4 – 100% Human Shirt by Everlane – Everlane is truly a beacon when it comes to fair fashion. Their collections are smart and timeless and I have been coveting a lot of their pieces for years now. Like this shirt with its discreet “100% Human” print. So, when will they finally ship to Switzerland?

5 – Tie-Back Swimsuit by Filippa K – Another brand I like in terms of their philosophy and style is Filippa K. When I decided that I wanted a bathing suit, they were not the first brand that came to my mind, but after an extensive search, I finally came across this piece and it’s not only super pretty, but it fits like a glove. Yay! I cannot wait to wear it to one of Zurich’s beautiful lidos.


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