The Temptation of Victoria

I remembered this video during binge watching Girlboss during the weekend. It was the scene where Sophia steals a carpet from a store and takes a nap in the park, that triggered my memory of Victoria Bergsman stealing a record and flowers in The Temptation of Victoria – the 2005 video for New Order’s song Temptations.

While the scene in Girlboss felt pretty annoying and not at all empowering to me,  I find that the story in this video has a plot that appeals to me in a much more. Obviously, I would never steal a record or flowers from a store. But, I can still very much identify with the girl into whose life we get but a small peak by way of this video. Even more so, when I came across the video for the first time: I was in my early twenties. I spent lots of time in record stores, I had just discovered my love for the French Nouvelle Vague and I loved The Concretes – Victoria Bergsman’s band at the time.

After rewatching it again and again over the past years, I think it must be my favourite music video to this day. Also, it’s set in Paris and that’s always a good thing, isn’t it?

The Temptation of Victoria – Michael Shamberg with Victoria Bergsman (2005)
Temptation – New Order (1987)

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