The Endless City

Do you remember this iconic scene in Lost in Translation? Charlotte sits in the window of her hotel room, looking down on Tokyo. I think in the movie the scene is supposed to emphasise the loneliness she feels among the vastness of the city. To me, it’s a scene that fills me with envy. How much I’d love to stay in a room with that view – to be able to sit there and just watch across Tokyo. I could spend days sitting in that window.

From the ground, Tokyo seems like a conglomeration of different and diverse cities, commercial centres and towns. In some areas, you might even forget that you are navigating through a megacity. Sure, places like Shibuya crossing, Shinjuku at night time or any of the bigger metro stations at rush hour are perfect reminders that Tokyo is the world’s biggest city. But, it’s on top of one of Tokyo’s many skyscrapers, where you will realise: Tokyo is endless.

Below are some pictures I have taken from Tokyo City View up on Mori Tower in Roppongi. It was a very grey day, but as you see, the views were stunning nonetheless. I even quite enjoy the grey coat Tokyo is wearing in those pictures. And, since I promised myself to keep coming back to Tokyo until I have seen the infamous Mt. Fuji, I was lucky that it kept hiding behind the clouds.

Places to see Tokyo from Above

There are plenty of places to enjoy Tokyo from above. Mori Tower is one of them – what I like about the location, is that you get great views of nearby Tokyo Tower. While admission to Tokyo City View is not free, it is possible to get a combination ticket including the entry to Mori Art Museum.

Other locations include the Government Building in Shinjuku, the Skytree and Tokyo Tower. If you want to combine your Tokyo viewing experience with good drinks and really dive into the spirit of Lost in Translation, head to the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo – go early and avoid the cover charge that applies after 8 p.m. (7 p.m. on Sundays).

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