Keep Walking to Stay Awake

After 12 hours in that airplane seat, I was quite glad to finally arrive in Tokyo – even the ride on the train into town was already way more interesting than any of the films on that plane. Rice fields, the greenest hills and finally, the Tokyo cityscape that came into sight.I eventually arrived at the friend’s place I will be staying at the for the first few days and after a well-needed shower, I headed out to nearby Shibuya.

The plan was to get a SIM for my Phone, to grab some coffee and to go for a little walk. I found Streamer Coffee Company, the perfect place to get my caffeine fix and to have a bite to eat. The cold brew was ok, but the doughnut was delicious. After that, I took a stroll up cat street. Criss-crossing through the area I finally arrived at Harajuku Station and walked into Yoyogi Park to breathe some fresh air and to visit the Meiji Shrine that is located there. Tired as I was, I really enjoyed the calmness of the park.

From Harajuku Station I took the train to Daikanyama to browse the shelves at T-Site, which is easily the best bookshop in the world. But, looking through a few books and magazines, I had to realise that I was falling asleep standing up. Jet lag seemed to get the better of me, so I quickly walked back to the apartment to get a little bit of rest. A nap never felt so good. Fortunately, I was able to get back up after two hours, to go for a walk and dinner with my friend. We had Tsukemen Ramen at a small place here in Nakameguro. Afterwards, it was finally time for some more sleep.

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