The Field Mice

I always had a hard time really getting into summery music. Yes, there are the Marine Girls and some random (indie) pop songs I like to listen to when the temperatures rise above 25 degrees, but my heart truly belongs to artists and songs that are best listened to while the sky is gray and the scarves are out. So here is a reason to look forward to autumn – I can listen to all my all-time favourite bands again. Like The Field Mice, a British indie pop band of the late 80s / early 90s.

(Picture via Sarah Records)

Field Mice have accompanied me on long autumn walks through Leipzig, Berlin and Zurich, since I discovered them browsing countless music blogs back in the early 2000s. So, this morning when the skies were grey, the air was crisp and you could really feel the seasons changing after a very hot summer, I knew this was going to be a The Field Mice kind of day. And, while I certainly hope that summer will be back for a little stint, I embraced the autumn weather, put on my headphones and used my lunch break to compile this little playlist with my favourite The Field Mice tracks for you to enjoy:

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