The Problem of Finding a Niche

When I started this blog in 2007, it was the heydays of personal blogs – those places where people would write down thoughts, share music they liked, post rants, pictures from their travels and everyday life and other stuff that nowadays is mainly shared on Social Media channels, Twitter or Instagram. Maybe it’s because I have been blogging for that long – with breaks and many deleted post– that I really have a problem to find a niche for my blog.

Or maybe it’s because there are so many things I am interested in and that I like to document on this blog. There are pictures from my travels that I love posting – sometimes just so I can go back to those posts later and relive the trip. There are travel tips I want to share, so you can have the best experiences if you go any place that I previously went. Sometimes, I like to get serious and to write about politics or the environment. Then, one Saturday I open my bathroom cabinet and feel like sharing my skin care routine with you. I mix a drink for me and my boyfriend or I bake some cookies before Christmas and I think that this would be worth sharing, because I like it and you might, too. From time to time, I discover a new band that I like or find a hotel, product, book or piece of furniture I consider worth writing about. A few years ago, I even shared little short stories …

Why do I even need a niche?

Sometimes I believe that it would help me to sort my thoughts. I have a long list of content ideas noted down in a little notebook and looking at it, sometimes it feels overwhelming. I don’t know where to start and as I have a full-time job, the time I can spend on this blog is already limited. Also, blogs with a niche are more successful, I suppose. People know what to expect from the blog and can come back for a handful of topics and themes. It also helps to put the content on the blog in neat categories and give visitors some orientation.

So I often wonder what kind of blogger I am. I take stock, I look at the posts I have published in recent months and at my backlog with all those ideas for upcoming topics. I put them into clusters and try to figure this out. I even strike posting ideas off the list – only to put them back on later, because I still really like them. So, am I a travel blogger with a passion for lifestyle? Or am I a lifestyle blogger who travels and cooks? Frankly, those attempts are to no avail.

This is about bits and pieces from my life

I guess what it comes down to is that I am a human who likes to share stuff. And as a human, my interests and experiences are too diverse to narrow this blog down to a niche. This is my playground where I try out things and post about anything that pops into my mind. This is a blog about bits and pieces from my life. And, as life itself, it is full of surprises.

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  • I like that your blog is non-niche! I like blogs that have a clear focus (cooking, knitting, interiors travel) because I can be pretty sure that I’ll be interested in what they have to say. But they don’t bring me anything new, or unexpected, which your blog sometimes does. I like that it reflects a person, rather than an attempt to get well-targeted ad revenue, or sell me a product, or a lifestyle. I like that it is just itself!