Under the Sun of Tuscany – A Visual Diary

In July we spent a few days in Tuscany with the boyfriend’s family. It was a great trip with great food, lots of wine, days by the pool and trips into Siena and Florence. I had been to Tuscany as a child and with school when I was a teenager, but I had forgotten how beautiful this part of Italy actually is. Enjoy some pictures and experiences from our trip.

Strolling Around Florence

Florence is a beautiful but crowded city. We spent an afternoon strolling around the city centre, skipping the museums and shops, but taking in the atmosphere of the old-town. There were many tourists and selfie sticks around, but as soon as you turned three corners and moved away from the main sights, it was quite a delight. Another highlight of our day in Florence was dinner at La Reggia Degli Etruschi up on a hill in Fiesole.

Seeing Siena

I only had good memories about Siena from back when I visited Tuscany with school. And, I must say that it is still one of my favourite places in Tuscany. The Piazza del Campo is impressive and the side streets of Siena are the epitome of Italy. Also, it was far less crowded than Florence.

Tasting Wines from Tuscany at Antinori

When in Tuscany you have to visit a winery. We opted for the renowned Antinori where we enjoyed a guided tour through the estate and a subsequent wine tasting. The architecture of the place is stunning, I especially liked the outside staircase that is inspired by a cork-screw. Also, the red material looks brilliant against the blue Italian skies. Oh, and yes the wines were pretty decent too. We might even have bought one or two cases as a souvenir.

Enjoying La Dolce Vita

Obviously, we also enjoyed some leisure and fun time by the pool that belonged to the villa the boyfriend’s family rented and at the villa itself. Eating delicious Italian food, drinking wine and gasping at the view onto the rolling hills of Tuscany with the towers of Siena on the horizon.

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