Five Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

I am still a bit reluctant to admit it, but autumn is fast approaching. The temperatures have already dropped significantly, and in the evenings I pull out the woollen socks and big cardigans. This has always been my favourite season, but this year I don’t want summer to end. My heart is still longing back to that short trip to Southern France where were spending hours on end by the pool, basking in sunlight and looking out onto the ocean. So, to make the transition into autumn a bit easier and less depressing, I noted down five reasons to look forward to the end of summer.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

1. The Music

I might have mentioned that already, but fall is the season where most of the music I like fits best. As I spend more time indoors, on the couch in the living room, I use the record player more often and listen to music with much more intention. I rediscover myself in lyrics and sounds, and that is something that makes me very happy. Some of my favourite autumn vinyls that I own are:

Boxer by The National

In Conflict by Owen Pallett

The Ghost that Carried Us Away by Seabear

2. The Autumn Colours & The Smell

While I do love the fresh greens and blossoms that pop up in spring, it is autumn when the most beautiful colours appear. I can’t get enough of the sight of withered hydrangeas and autumn leaves in all kinds of yellow, red and brown. I also love the scent of autumn – a mix of burned wood and decaying leaves.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

3. The Long Walks

Give a sunny fall afternoon, and I will be walking for hours. The air is crisp and there the colours and smells that I mentioned earlier and that make autumn the perfect time for walking. On colder days I love the feeling of the cold air on my cheeks, especially at the point when I arrive back at the warmth of our home, and there is this tiny tingling feeling on my skin.

4. The Soups and Stews

In the colder months we shift our focus from grilled meats and fish with salad to heartier meals, especially soups and stews. There is also great and local produce around in autumn that are fun to turn into delicious dinners.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

5. The Scarves, Coats, Sweaters & Boots

Autumn is truly the season where I hardly ever have problems to come up with an outfit. My uniform consists of a pair of black jeans, a grey cashmere sweater, a scarf, my trenchcoat and black pair of pistol boots. It’s quite minimal, and it is the outfit that I feel most comfortable and completely myself in.

What do you love about autumn?

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