How to Cope With These Grey Days

When I look out the window, all I can see is lots of grey – or darkness, depending on the time of the day. The cat is roaming the apartment, annoyed about the cold outside. And, while we huddle up on the sofa and keep the hot cups of tea brewing, the weather forecast predicts the first heavy snowfalls happening in the Alps. There is no denying this: with the beginning of November, we have entered the second half of autumn – the one that is not so okay. The one that makes us realise that it’s only a matter of weeks until winter will have arrived.

I am a summer (and spring) person, and while back in September I still was able to come up with a bunch of reasons to look forward to autumn. By now, I do find it hard to deal with all the grey and the darkness. But, as there are still quite a few months of this ahead of us, we summer people do have to try, don’t we? So, here are some ways in which I try to cope with these grey days:

Go On Lunchbreak Walks

Weekdays are the worst. When I get up – which I only manage because we own a wake-up light – it’s still dark outside and when I head home from work, night has already fallen across the city. Apparently, my best bet to get some proper daylight is my lunch break. So, on any day without heavy rain, I try to catch some day light around midday. Thankfully, I work right next to the lake, so I can go for short strolls by the shore to ensure a proper Vitamin B intake.

Watch Summer Movies

The first time I watched a movie and almost felt the summer sun on my skin was after watching Sophia Coppola’s “Somewhere” on a cold, grim Berlin winter day. Other films that are perfect to bring some summer sun back into a winter day are “A Bigger Splash”, starring the wonderful Tilda Swinton, and “Pierrot Le Fou”, one of my favourite Jean Luc Godard movies.

Do More Yoga

Whenever the temperature sinks below 10° Celsius, my upper back gets even more tensed up than on days with higher temperatures. Also, the colder it gets outside, the less I tend to move. So, I try to integrate regular yoga sessions into my mornings. As time is often scarce, I usually pick this 5-minute yoga workout. Even if it’s super short, it helps a lot. On the weekends I try to make time for more extensive sessions – but as you can imagine, laziness does get the better of my on many occasions.

Take Hot Baths

I do love to immerse myself in steaming hot water. Even more so since I experienced those Japanese hot tubs in Kinosaki and other Onsen Towns that we visited. While I still dream of our very own Onsen at home, the bath tub has to suffice for the time being. I like to keep it simple and just add some dead sea salt to the water. While I am aware that frequent hot baths are not environment-friendly, they are one way to keep me sane in late autumn and winter.

Eat Comfort Food

My body craves hot and fatty food in winter, and I let it have its way. There is nothing better than a big pot of Cheese Fondue to celebrate the end of another grey day. It might not be that healthy, but it’s oh so comforting. Find a great recipe to make Cheese Fondue from scratch over at Eat, Little Bird if you also crave a Swiss-style cheese fest. Trust me; it’s the best. Also, a hot, alcoholic drink is quite nice from time to time. Find two winter drinks to keep you warm over in this post from last year.

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