Music Crush – BOY

I Do Need to Get this Album on Vinyl.

Oh BOY! I had almost forgotten about these two wonderful ladies until we went to their beautiful concert yesterday at a church here in Zurich. Listening to them play acoustic versions of their songs, I realized that many of them do carry a lot of meaning for me. The concert touched me in ways I had not expected. These three are the songs I love the most – they are all from their first album “Mutual Friends”, which was the soundtrack of my life for quite a while after it came out in 2011.

Drive Darling

“A silent conversation
No words cause there’s no need
We let the tapes mix up the years
And press repeat and press repeat”

This song should be included in any road trip playlist in the world. It is a story so beautifully told. It’s a sad story in a way, but at the same time, the song also fills me with joy and an urge to just sit in a car, start the motor and drive to a faraway place. To go and explore the world with a loved one, leaving everything behind.


“All day long she’s waiting for the night to ask her out
To be somebody’s dancer, to get lost inside a crowd
There’s no need to talk, because the music is so loud,
Till a taxi drives her back into a morning full of doubts.”

When they played this at the concert, there was a tiny tear rolling down my cheek. I can relate to this song so much. Back in my 20s, I was super shy and talking to new people often scared me. As soon as I put on my party skin, went to a club and drowned myself in music that I liked, it would be so much easier. Back home in tiny my apartment, I kept longing for something else. Something real. It was exhausting. Yet, in the end, it all worked out. I wish I could tell this to my younger self.

This Is The Beginning

“Open the boxes, unpack what you own.
Hang up some posters and make this a home.
Walk down the stairs and open the door.
Look at the things you’ve never seen before.”

We blasted this one on our speakers after my best friend and I had moved into our dream apartment in Berlin. It truly pinpoints that feeling of starting in a new place and I can very well remember how it filled the empty rooms that would become our own so very quickly. I might even have played it right after I had arrived in my first apartment here in Zurich – I don’t quite remember. It is a song about new beginnings, but also about settling down somewhere and making a place your own.

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  • Obwohl ich mich in den Liedern nicht so wiederfinde wie du, liebe ich dieses Album auch sehr und ich wäre gerne bei diesem Konzert dabei gewesen.
    Jetzt wo ich hier gerade den Kommentar schreibe fällt mir wieder auf, wie schön dein Blog ist und ich es sonst nicht sehe, weil ich ihn im Feedreader lese. Muss ich wieder häufiger hier direkt vorbei kommen :)