Five Tokyo Restaurants You Have To Try

According to an article in Time Out Magazine, there were 88,000 restaurants in Tokyo back in 2011, and I am sure the number of Tokyo Restaurants has only grown in the past six years. Not only are there plenty of places to choose from, but many great places are hidden away in alleyways, department stores or subway stations. So, picking a place to eat out Tokyo can feel a bit intimidating.

5 Restaurants in Tokyo

It helps to know a local who can show you around and introduce you to places you might not have found otherwise. I am lucky enough to have friends who spent the past three years in Tokyo, so – despite listing only five of tens of thousands of Tokyo restaurants, I do hope this list does recommend some places that you might not find in most travel guides.

DEN, Fuunji Ramen, Erakokyu

1. DEN – Modern Kaiseki with a Twist

If you go to one fancy Tokyo restaurant, go to DEN. The small restaurant is chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s playground where he and his team serve delicious, elaborate, creative and sometimes crazy food to their clients. There are only a few seats available, so make sure to book ahead. I will not give away too much about the dishes themselves because you are indeed in for a surprise! Just trust me (and the Michelin Guide, who awarded the young cook one Michelin star) and go there.

Architect house hall JIA, 2-3-18 Jingumae, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo
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2. Fuunji Ramen – The Quick Slurp

There are plenty of Ramen places in Tokyo, and the several branches of infamous Ichiran Ramen where you can enjoy excellent Ramen in complete anonymity that you will have heard about already are worth visiting. Fuunji Ramen is quite the opposite to these places. The queue is super long, the small restaurant is cramped, and while you sit at the counter and wait for your Ramen you are so close to the kitchen, you might get hit by a noodle.

The shop serves only Ramen and Tsukemen (with Tsukemen you receive the noodles in a separate bowl and dip them into your broth) with different toppings. Some say it’s the best Tsukemen you can get in Tokyo.

Japan, 〒151-0053 Tokyo, 渋谷区Yoyogi, 2 Chome−14−3 北斗第一ビル
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Website (Japanese)

3. Erakokyu – The Best Tokyo Restaurant If You Like Fish

For fish and Sushi visit a restaurant in Tokyo called Erakokyu in Nakameguro. Without an English menu outside, this is one of those places I would not have entered if it wasn’t for our dear friends in Tokyo. We went there on my last evening in Tokyo and ordered heaps of Sushi and other dishes that we shared. Their grilled fish is fantastic, too – and the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back.

2 Chome-14-2 Kamimeguro, 目黒区 Meguro-ku, Tōkyō-to 153-0051, Japan
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Website (Japanese)

Shibuya Niku Yokocho and Okonomiman Tokyo

4. Shibuya Niku Yokocho – 26 Tokyo Restaurants in One Place

If you like meat, you will love Niku Yokocho. Located in a  nondescript, commercial building near Shibuya Crossing it is a truly hidden gem. Upon entering the vast hall up on the first or second floor, you will find yourself transported to a different world. It’s loud, it’s cramped, and there are 26 small restaurants. All of them specialise in meat-based dishes, so there is everything from Korean Barbecue to Shabu Shabu, meat sushi and yakitori. We headed for the barbecue and were served some beautiful Wagyu beef and vegetables to put on the small charcoal grill in the middle of our table. It was quite yummi and I loved the atmosphere in the place.

13-9 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan
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Website (Japanese)

5. Hiroshima Okonomiman – The Best Okonomiyaki Ever

I found the best Okonomiyaki place in Tomigaya. It’s super small and the Okonomiyaki – Japanese Noodle Pancakes – are prepared right before your eyes. They taste delicious and the service was super nice, too. If you are exploring Shibuya or Tomigaya I urge you to swing by this place. If the don’t have a seat available, tell them that you will come back later and go for a short walk in the area or visit Shibuya Booksellers. This restaurant in Tokyo is truly worth the wait.

17-1 Kamiyamacho, Watanabe Bldg.1FShibuya 150-0047,  Japan
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