Goodbye November

November, you were not great. Remember how in the beginning of the month I wrote this post about coping with grey days? Well, you made it really hard this time. I took plenty long hot baths, I went on some lunch break walks by the lake and I ate lots of comfort food and I wish I had done more yoga.

Yet, you took all my energy and wasted it in the darkness. You put so many ideas in my head but left me too lethargic to carry them out. You made my brain, and my shoulders hurt, bringing back those Migraines that I thought I had under control. You made me feel emotionally drained and physically shaky, and in the end, you topped it off with an awful cold.

I am glad that you are over now and that I won’t be seeing you until next year! December already brought some snow and there will be more brightness with all the Christmas lights, happy faces and a few free days at the end of the month. I genuinely hope I will gain back my creativity, my motivation and my ability to write so I won’t be ending the year feeling like a broken robot.

My November Playlist

One thing that helped me through the past month was music. I listened to this collection of songs on repeat, and I thought I’d share it with you:

P.S.: No Friday link list today. There will be a new one next week!





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