Blogging Plans for 2018

Antique illustration of myristica moschata | Public Domain via Raxpixel

I took some time in December to think about the blog and what I want to do here in 2018. Last year I tried to post around three articles per week but found that next to a full-time job, this did not work out for me. Towards the end of the year, I felt somewhat exhausted, and I ended up preparing many posts that I did not even want to share because I was not satisfied.

Looking back, I did have the most fun compiling these Friday posts in which I curated things for you to explore during the weekend. So, I will make this kind of post the one regular thing in 2018. But, instead of just sharing links to articles, stories and other stuff I read or watched, I will add all sorts of things that did have an impact on me or my life during the past seven days.

In addition to that, I will be publishing the occasional posts with photos of places I went to, deep-dives into things I like, thoughts I have and other stuff at least once a month – these might even be follow-ups of things mentioned on earlier a Friday post. I will also try and keep posting travel guides to places I feel I know well enough, as I have the feeling that these have become quite useful for at least a few of you. I might kick the recipes, however – while I love cooking, I feel like I am not an authority when it comes to recipes. If you follow my Friday posts, though, you can count on several links to food-related stuff.

So, all in all not that many things will change, but I will be taking it a bit easier on the blogging front and at the same time try to make those things I share with you a bit more interesting. Having said all this, I am looking forward to blogging in 2018 and hope many of will come along with me on this journey.

Happy New Year & thanks for reading!

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