The Friday Edit #1

This first Friday of 2018 marks my first Friday Edit, in which I will share things, stories, links and experiences from the past seven days that I found inspiring or noteworthy. I hope you enjoy reading and exploring it.

A new year always feels like an empty page waiting to be filled, doesn’t it?

New Years Eve, Working from Home, Two Shows on Netflix

Celebrated a beautiful New Year Eve with friends and great home-made Japanese food. I learned how to make Sushi in those past hours of 2017, and now it’s all I want to eat. So, brace yourself for many Sushi pictures over on my Instagram in 2018.

Worked from home for two days this week as almost everyone at the office was still on vacation. It’s always fascinating how much you get done when there are no meetings, only a few e-mails and no phone-calls coming in. I enjoyed these days a lot, but now I also feel ready to tackle a full work week next week.

Stayed up past my usual bed-time too often and watched a lot of episodes of The Crown, it’s so well done and the acting is great. Also, I am getting more and more obsessed with the style of Princess Margaret. Also, I did not stop talking about The Mind of a Chef that I started watching recently and that I want to take up again. The thing is though that it always makes me super hungry.

The High Low, Nueva York Sour, A Reading List

Images via The High Low (left) and my iPhone (right)

Listened to many episodes of “The High Low” Podcast by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. Those two ladies are brilliant and I love listening to their conversations about pop culture, politics and everything else. They seem to have a stance towards politics, feminism and societal issues that I can almost always relate to, and I love how they don’t shy away from admitting that they have not entirely made up their mind about something yet. It’s something that we all should be open about more often these days. I think I made it through 5+ episodes in the past weeks and I cannot wait to follow them through the upcoming year. I also suggest you follow the two ladies on Twitter over here and here.

Enjoyed a delicious drink called “Nueva York Sour” at Sport Bar – one of my favourite bars here in Zurich. It’s like a Whiskey Sour but with a splash of red wine. While this might sound strange and I was a bit sceptic at first. But, it tasted terrific. You can find a similar recipe on Food 52.

Added almost all of the books from New Yorker editor Alexandra Schwarz’ list of books she loved in 2017 to my 2018 reading list. I also loved how she places all protagonists from her recommendations around a table to connect the dots between them. If you are curious about my 2018 reading list, head on over to Goodreads and become my friend if you have an account. It’s a great place to track your reading habit and get inspired.

30 Days of Yoga, Face Massages

Have taken up Yoga again doing sessions from Adriene’s newest instalment of 30 Days of Yoga – did not manage to do it on consecutive days, though. But, I won’t beat myself up about that and just keep going whenever I can.

Discovered face massages. It’s supposed to have a significant effect on your skin as it drains out toxins and helps to relax your facial muscles. I have been using facial oils in my evening skincare routine for quite a while now and these massages are a great way to really work that stuff in. So far I have been using this guide from Wiki-How. I am particularly fond of the face brightening massage, and I have the feeling that it even might help my Migraines in the long run. In case you know any other how-tos, feel free to share them in the comments.

News From Two Inspiring Female Photographers

Images via Charlotte Schreiber (left) & Evelyn Dragan (right)

Felt delighted after reading Charlotte Schreiber’s recent newsletter. Notably, the images of and word about her trip to Lappland were the perfect escape from a grey and rainy day here in Zurich. Charlotte is a brilliant photographer and person; you can follow her on Instagram or trust me and subscribe to her Newsletter.

Looked at almost all the pictures in Evelyn Dragan’s portfolio she just relaunched. They are all beautiful and together with those Charlotte shared in her newsletter, they inspired me to try and get better at taking and telling stories through photographs.

Zadie Smith, Clean Eating, Joan Didion on Self-Respect

Discovered the audio version of Zadie Smith’s brilliant short story “The Lazy River” that I had read in the print edition of the New Yorker a few weeks ago. I just love that woman’s writing, and I could listen to her talk for hours on end. Also, this behind-the-scenes interview is a very good read if you want to dig deeper into the story.

Found this long-read on the dangers of clean-eating in the Guardian pretty insightful. Not only does it mention how the current clean-eating hype can lead to eating disorders and indeed harm people, but quite rightfully talks about the economic exclusion it causes. It’s really worth reading and it does make one think. There is also a Podcast-Version if you prefer to listen to it.

Read and re-read this text about self-respect Joan Didion wrote in 1961. Someone had shared it on Facebook saying that this would be a perfect guideline for 2018.

Have a great weekend and see you next Friday at the latest!







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