Friday Edit #4

Hello Friday, sweet Friday. Today is a glorious day as it is the release day of the new Tocotronic album – which is just brilliant. Find this and a bunch of other things from the past seven days down below.


Phoebe Philo

Ever since reading an interview with Phoebe Philo in Gentlewoman I was fascinated by her personality, as well as the style she introduced at Céline. So, I ended up following the news about her leaving Céline and about Hedi Slimane as her replacement quite closely. While doing so, I came across this article in the New York Times that includes the following paragraph that I find particularly noteworthy:

“At a time when women are increasingly not just finding their voice but using it, demanding parity and flexing their power, Céline consistently gave them something to wear — or at least to aspire to. Ms. Philo was interested not in what would attract the male gaze, but the female gaze (I can’t tell you how many shows I left with male colleagues who were shaking their heads and saying, “I just don’t get it,” while all the women in the audience were making fantasy shopping lists). And even more important: the grown-up female gaze. And in her clothes — deep pile, no-nonsense, swaddling, streamlined — many of them recognized themselves.”

Beauty Papers

Through this interview in W Magazin I came across Maxine Leonard and her publication “Beauty Papers“, it looks quite intriguing. And I love her answer on the question about her beauty peeve: “Contouring. It’s the most inappropriate trend to ever be promoted in society.”

Phoebe Philo via Gentlewoman; The Cover of Beauty Papers via Boutique Mags.

Greek Islands & Swim Suits

The past week I spent lots of my free minutes researching a trip to Greece. I am still not sure if it is happening and where we should be going. There are so many choices, and we are both so spoilt by the trip to the Roches Rouges last year, that it is tough to find hotels we like. Maybe we will head to a beautiful hotel on Kos and spend a few days in Athens while we are down there. Perhaps we will do some island hopping. We will see. In any case,  all the images of blue skies and the ocean made me pin heaps of bathing suits on Pinterest. These are some favourites:

Images via COS, @simplycityarchives and @charlotte_lapalus.

What else?

On Wednesday, the boyfriend and I went to the Sagmeister exhibition “The Happy Show!” at the Museum für Gestaltung here in Zürich. It was a fun exhibition. My favourite piece was a short video called “Now is Better”. Watch it on Vimeo.

The most moving piece I read this week was this article about Intersexuality from Zeit Magazin.

Caught myself scrolling through my old Portfolio Website on Cargo Collective and got lost in those pictures I took in New York. I might miss that place a tiny bit.

Tocotronic released their new album, and it’s indeed the highlight of my week. Listen to it on Spotify and buy it on Vinyl, too.

Take a look at these pictures by a Japanese Photographer capturing the mysterious power of forest bathing in the New Yorker and watch “The End of the World” on Netflix, too!

Have a great weekend!


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