The Friday Edit #2

Happy Friday y’all. Here’s a list of the things from this week that are noteworthy and some links I’d like to share.

Spot the Snake!

Laughing Myself Awake, Coffee in Zurich, Feminism

One morning I woke up laughing. It was a super weird feeling and I don’t really remember the dream that caused this fit. Yet, even thinking about it now, makes me a bit happy.

Apart from working, I met friends for pizza and drinks and went to MAME, a sweet café here in Zurich together with the boyfriend. Things that I hope will happen more often in 2018 – fortunately we do have another dinner date planned for this week.

I decided that I want to deepen my knowledge of the current movements of feminism. While I devoured many books and texts about feminism and gender in university, I did not do enough to keep up to date on the topic in recent years. First of all, I want to get a grasp on the events that are currently happening and why they are happening now. You can read more about this in this post from this week.

Morning moon and coffee at MAME

A Year Without Shopping, Swimming Pools, Woody Allen

This text about “One Year Without Shopping” was an interesting and inspiring read. While I don’t think I will be able to give up shopping altogether this year, I still want to do more to become more conscious about my own behaviours and try to waste less money on things I don’t really need.

The latest instalment of Victoria Hannan’s Newsletter “Eyes as wide as swimming-pools” was just beautiful. A subscription is highly recommended. In every newsletter, Hanna tells quite touching stories that are connected to swimming-pools of her past, present and future – it’s just a really nice thing to find in your newsletter from time to time.

This article about Woody Allen and his obsession with teenage girls was pretty enlightening. It also has quite a convincing answer on the question if a separation between the art and the artist is possible. Give it a read.

Eames, Illustrations I Relate to, The Science of Sleep

On the weekend we went on our yearly trip to the Vitra House close to Swiss border. They were showing an exhibition about the Ray and Charles Eames that was very well done and inspiring. It also reminded me of this documentary about them.

I can relate to Julia Bernhard’s illustrations she shares through Instagram so much, I love her style and was quite delighted to see her work in the last issue of the New Yorker, too.

Harriet Fitch Little explains why there is no perfect formula to sleep in “How to sleep: A Short Guide” in Kinfolk magazine.

Two from our trip to Vitra House

What else?

I rediscovered Le Tigre and listened to their self-titled album on repeat. This collection of existentialist out of office replies made me laugh out loud while sitting at my desk at work. And, Moira Donegan’s text on why she started the Media Men list was probably the most honest piece I read this week.


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