The Friday Edit #3

Happy Friday! Here’s a list of the things from this week that are noteworthy and some links I’d like to share:

Chäserugg | KTINKA
What a View!

A Winter Walk & Stunning Views

Sunday we took the car and drove to the mountains east of Zurich, searching for some sun. There is a range of mountains called “Churfirsten”. So far I had only seen it from the ground. We did go on a little hike on the slopes of these mountains a few years back, but it was only last weekend that I found out that you can quite easily reach the tops of these mountains by cable-car. So up we went the “Chäserugg“. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a beautiful cable-car station/restaurant built by Herzog and de Meuron and the most stunning views across the Alps. Here are some more impressions:

Chäserugg | KTINKA

The Post, Tocotronic & Super Nice Letters

Monday I was invited to a preview of “The Post”, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks’ new movie. It’s such a brilliant one; I urge you to watch it. It’s about the Pentagon Papers – and the Washington Post’s attempts to publish these papers back in the early 1970s. The  publisher back then was Katherine Graham, the first woman in the states to hold such a position at a major paper – so, the movie is also a lot about how female empowerment. To get a taste, see the trailer over here.

Tocotronic, one of my all-time favourite bands, released a new song “Electric Guitar“. It’s so, so good and reminds me a lot of my youth.

My friend Carmi launched her new business, Super Nice Letters. If you are looking for some gorgeous hand-lettering, she’s your woman. See her creations up on Instagram and connect with her on Facebook.

What else?

This video of the world’s smallest cat is cuteness overload. I want this book about Japanese Gardens and this essay by Rebecca Solnit is a brilliant read.






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