Friday Edit #5

This week saw the end of January – one of my least favourite months of any year. It was also a super busy week at work. Subsequently, I did not have lots of time to dig around the internet, but here are a few gems, along with some ramblings about our travel plans for this year.

Enjoy & Happy Weekend.

Sunday Walks, Summer Longing, Pantelleria

On Sunday we went for a walk around Zurich, enjoying some sunshine and shaking our heads at the first crocus and daisies that appeared much too early this year. Amidst this super early bout of spring, I kept dreaming of summer. It still so far away, but after we picked this year’s holiday destinations, it feels a little bit more tangible.

While researching Greece, I remembered the movie ‘A Bigger Splash’ and the beautiful island it was set on. So, I looked up where it was filmed and found the island, as well as a most beautiful holiday home located on the premises where the movie was filmed.

The island is called Pantelleria. It is part of the Sicilian Islands and it is basically located on the edge of Europe. close to the Tunisian mainland. The island is of volcanic origin, there are no sandy beaches and only a few flights from the mainland, so it’s not super touristy. I love the thought of just being there for two weeks, reading heaps of books, looking out onto the ocean and drinking the sweet wine of Pantelleria. I will certainly tell you more about the island and our trip in due time!

Also, after looking at some many film stills from A Bigger Splash, I want all the clothes Tilda Swinton wears in the movie, especially the ensemble you can see in the pictures above.

Pantelleria Coast via Tenuta Borgia; Tilda Swinton courtesy of Studio Canal

Mimosa Forests, Poolside Realness, Cake

And the longing for summer does not stop here: I marvelled at Olivia Thébaut’s photographs of Mimosa Forests in Southern France. Caroline De Maigret’s poolside struggles put a big smile on my face. This brilliant video by HAIM made me miss Open Air Season. Also, this Torta di Semi di Papaveri strikes me as a perfect summer recipe.

Mimosas by Oliva Thébaut; Poolside Struggles via Youtube

Jeffrey Eugenides, Meg Wolitzer

Also, I finished reading ‘Fresh Complaints’, a collection of short stories by Jeffrey Eugenides, that I can truly recommend it. If you have not read anything by Eugenides yet, you can find a fresh new short story by him in the New Yorker. I haven’t read it yet myself, but I thought I’d share the link anyways.

Afterwards, I started book #2 of 2018, ‘Sleepwalking’ by Meg Wolitzer. After someone stated that she was a female Jonathan Franzen, I was immediately intrigued. ‘Sleepwalking’ is the first novel she published in her early twenties. I deliberately started with her first book. So far it’s rather brilliant, and I cannot wait to dig deeper into her oeuvre.

A New Look for KTINKA

Oh, and I gave my blog a new look. I started to get a bit sick of the pink. There is still al lot of work to do, but so far I love it. Also, the theme includes a page builder. So, expect some elaborate travel guides and other fancy things, soon!




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