Friday Edit #6

What a week! I am certainly looking forward to a relaxing weekend. As every Friday, I’d like to share are a bunch of things I read, watched or did in the past week.

Stairs & Shadows in Baden

Exit West, Isle of Dogs, I am Love

Actually, I collect most of the links I share during the course of the weekend and in the evenings. This week I was rather busy reading, so there are not that many long articles I have to share. Instead I want to recommend “Exit West” by Moshin Hamid – it is such a beautiful and heartbreaking book that everyone in this day and age should have read. So if you buy one book this month, make it this one!

On a funnier note, Wes Anderson released a teaser for his new animated movie “Isle of Dogs” and it looks super promising. Also, the line-up of voices is great – Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Greta Gerwig and Yoko Ono, they are all on bord. I am really looking forward to watching it.

Speaking of Tilda, we watched “I am Love” on the weekend. Ever since I have been in Milan and visited the beautiful Villa Necchi (twice), I wanted to watch the movie. Only recently I realized that it’s by Luca Guadagnino, the same director that made “A Bigger Splash”, the movie that inspired this year’s holiday destination. “I am Love” was a rather sad and unsettling movie – but it’s definitely worth watching.

G&T, E1027, Industrial Architecture in Baden

All images by yours truly

To catch some fresh air, we took a trip to a town outside Zurich called Baden. I knew that there were a couple of spas and an old town, but apart from that I did not expect much. Yet, Baden also boasts a couple of brilliant and beautiful industrial buildings. The sun was out, the light was great and I took quite a bunch of pictures, you can see a few of them above.

A friend who just moved to London came for a visit and brought a bottle of Jinzu Gin. In addition to the more traditional botanicals, this British gin comes with a hint of cherry blossoms, sake and yuzu. The result is a rather light gin that works great with Tonic and some thin apple slices. I haven’t had G&T in quite a while, but this combination might become a new favourite.

I fell in love with E1027, a house by Eileen Gray at the shores of the Côte D’Azur years ago when I had started a blog about creative women. Back in 2013 we even spent an afternoon roaming the cliffs outside the building trying to get a glimpse of its beauty – we had missed the chance to enroll for a guided tour through the building and its grounds. So, this gallery in Another Mag showcasing 30 great images Mary Gaudin took inside and outside the house is quite a delight.


A-Place, Kyoto, Accidental Icon

Photos by This is Paper & Will Matsuda via Ignant

This Is Paper is a creative studio from Poland that I came to know through the minimalist bags they produce. As if bags and flawless design wasn’t enough the people behind the studio launched A-Place a beautifully curated apartment in Warsaw that you can actually rent. By now you might have realized how much I love a well designed holiday home, so I immediately had to add A-Place to my list of places to stay at. A trip to Warsaw might not be in the cards for 2018, but I do hope to go one day and that the place will still be around then.

There is no week in which I miss Japan. Photos like these from Kyoto do not help. I especially love all the details Will Matsuda captures in these images.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too old to blog. But this week I came across the lady who runs Accidental Icon and now I am fine again. There is no such thing as a perfect blogging age and this lady showed me that you should just do as you please – always. So here we go!



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