Magazines pt. 1 – Print Is Not Dead to Me

Oh hi, I am a digital product manager, and I write a blog in my free time. But, I love, love, love print magazines. So, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my love for magazines here on the blog.

As I have already collected a lot of content on this topic, I decided to split it into several posts. In this first one, I want to give you some context about why I like magazines so much, how this passion started and which publications are some all-time favourites of mine. In later posts, I will be sharing other people’s favourite magazines and recommendations, some magazine stores around the world and more.

Digital Publications vs Printed Magazines

Yes, I  do read a lot of blogs and consume a lot of online content on a daily basis. However, to me, print is far from dead to me when it comes to certain magazines. I like the smell and the feel of a printed publication. I love flipping through beautiful pictures and immaculately designed pages. And, I cherish the fact that there are fewer distractions when you read a magazine compared to when you consume content on the web. Instead of all those next reads, links and new tabs, there is only a next page waiting for you.

But most importantly, magazines are keepsakes that I do not throw away immediately after reading. Especially on the weekends I frequently take a moment to flip through an old issue of the magazines that are piled up around our home. And, on a holiday or a long flight, I always bring a pile of New Yorkers and other magazines to read on the beach or in transit.

Reading Apartamento on a beach in Australia in 2012.

Where It All Started

My passion for magazines started with Spex Magazine – an independent magazine for popular culture from Germany – when I was around 16 or 17. First I would visit the local newsstand in our tiny village on a monthly basis to pick up the newest issue, later I treated myself to a subscription.

Flipping through the magazine and listening to the CDs that came with each issue was one of the things that helped me broaden my horizons towards things that were not necessarily part of mainstream culture. Not only in terms of music or culture, but also in terms of design and photography. I remember that Mario Lombardo used to do the editorial designer for the magazine back then and he did have a big influence on the way I perceived good design.

That’s what Spex Magazine looked like. Image from via Gestalten

Discovering Magazine Heaven in Berlin

With the onset of the web, magazines did lose their importance for me during my early 20s and throughout my university years – I still kept reading Spex and picked up the occasional free issue of Vice or Intro – another German music magazine – around town, but that mostly was it. Maybe also because as a student I did not have the money to purchase heaps of magazines.

After moving to Berlin, I discovered Do You Read Me?! and their brilliant selection of magazines. Throughout the years in Berlin, I would make almost weekly trips to this store, to spend some time flipping through many beautifully designed magazines – and I would never leave the store empty-handed.  Even now when I visit Berlin I quite like to go to Do You Read Me?! to skip through its shelves.

Two All-Time Favourites

It was also at Do You Read Me?! where I discovered a couple of favourites, these are two of them:

Kinfolk Magazine

It might be a bit of a cliché, but back in my Berlin days, Kinfolk did have quite an influence on the way I decorated my home and how I lived. While it does not have such a significant impact on my life anymore, I still love the magazine’s pure aesthetics. I like how it has developed over the past years. It’s always a good read, the photography is beautiful, and I appreciate how they give every issue one guiding theme they set out to explore more in-depth. Also, those thick, smooth pages are just lovely to hold between your fingers. Nah, I just like Kinfolk Magazine and I am not ashamed to say it.

The Relationship Issue via Kinfolk.

The Gentlewoman

Every issue of The Gentlewoman is a gem filled with women that inspire. The magazine presents them, their personalities and their style in a way that is unique in the world of magazines. I also love the publication’s design. Due to its size, it is quite a presence when you put it on your coffee table. As the issues are quite extensive, I do have to admit that I do not own and have not read every issue of the magazine.  Whenever I need a little kick in the butt, however, I take up one of the issues I own and learn about great women to aspire to. 

2016 Issue via The Gentlewoman


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