Three Affordable Hotels in Tokyo

Again and again, people ask me where they should stay in Tokyo. And, it’s hard to find the perfect and affordable place. The selection of hotels in Tokyo is vast. It ranges from affordable capsule hotels and hostels to Airbnb apartments, business hotels and traditional Ryokan. To make your search for a perfect hotel in Tokyo a bit easier, find three affordable hotels in Tokyo down below.

Three Hotels in Tokyo That Should Fit Your Budget

I have not tried and tested all three of these hotels. Last time I went to Tokyo I stayed at Hotel Graphy Nezu. The others I picked them due to the reviews, their location, as well as feedback from people who have visited Tokyo and stayed at these places. There is also a running “bucket list” of hotels in Tokyo I want to stay in – they are on the more luxurious and expensive side. I will be sharing those with you, soon.

Hotel Graphy Nezu

Hotel Graphy Nezu is a stylish, affordable hotel/hostel close to my favourite Tokyo neighbourhood Yanaka. There are dorms, as well as single or double rooms with and without private bathrooms. Perks include a great rooftop with views of Tokyo Tower, a shared kitchen and a lovely café/bar. The hotel is super clean, and the staff is accommodating.

Hotels in Tokyo – Hotel Graphy Nezu
Image via Hotel Graphy Nezu

Good to Know: Hotel Graphy Nezu is close to Nezu Station on the Chiyoda line that connects to Hibiya and Omotesando.

Double bedrooms start at around 100 € (124 USD) per night.

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9 Hours Shinjuku North

They say that Capsule Hotels are an essential Tokyo experience. While I am still a bit sceptic about the whole concept, 9 hours Shinjuku North looks like I could be able to spend a few nights there. There is a common area, and the hotel offers storage units for its guests, so you don’t have to clutter your capsule with your stuff.

Hotels in Tokyo – 9 Hours Shinjuku North
Image via 9 Hours Shinjuku North

Good to Know: The areas/dorms at 9 Hours Shinjuku North are separated by gender, so it is perfect for solo travellers. The hotel is conveniently close to JR Shin-Okubo Station on the Yamanote Line – Tokyo’s circle line that connects to all major areas of interest around Tokyo.

Capsules cost around 4’500 Yen (37 € / 46 USD) per night.

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I find some of the interior and rooms at One@Tokyo a bit over the top, but if you believe the reviews, it is supposed to be flawless while it’s still somewhat affordable. There are a bar and a restaurant in the building, as well as a beautiful roof-terrace from which you can enjoy the views over Tokyo.

Hotels in Tokyo – One@Tokyo
Image via One@Tokyo

Good to Know: Every room includes a smartphone you can use for free around Tokyo. One@Tokyo is close to Oshiage Subway Station.  One of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks, the Skytree, is just a five-minute walk away.

Rooms start at around 9’000 Yen (68€ / 84 USD) but can be more pricey during high season.

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