Magazines pt. 2 – LOREM (not Ipsum)

After dwelling on own my love for print magazines, I asked a couple of great humans who work with magazines for their recommendations. First up is Micha, one-half of the people who run LOREM (not Ipsum), a wonderfully curated Swiss online shop for Indie magazines.

Indie Magazines via "Lorem Not Ipsum"

Three Indie Magazines You Have to Read

When I approached Micha with the request to pick three magazines for this post, he told me that it was not easy to choose, as there are so many Indie magazines he is passionate about. Eventually, he picked these three publications, all of which surprised and fascinated him at first sight:

True Magazine

“My first pick is True Magazine from the UK. The magazine showcases previously unpublished works of different photographers. It is full of vivid pictures that surprise me again and again. You discover new, exceptional perspectives and brilliantly staged moments on each page. Also, I appreciate the XXL-format of the magazine.”


“Just like True Magazine, Luncheon Magazine comes from Great Britain and is exceptionally large. It’s quite an eye-catcher. Luncheon combines the food and fashion in a unique publication. Sometimes I have to take pictures of the magazines for the shop and our social media accounts. There are not many magazines make it as difficult to pick the right pages to photograph. Every page is just great, and then the next one turns out to be even more exciting. If you are looking for something unique, take a look at the next issue of Luncheon!”

Gather Journal

Gather Journal from the States is not your ordinary food magazine; it’s far from normal. The magazine’s main goal is to bring people together. Every page presents recipes to the reader. The photographs staged and arranged with so much detail they almost feel like paintings. Every issue revolves around a special topic. The issue that had the biggest impression on me was the one called “Spectrum” – the colour issue. In it, every recipe features an individual colour.”

You can find these and other great Indie magazines on the website of LOREM (not Ipsum).

Thank you for your recommendations and the great pictures, Micha! 

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