Friday Edit #8

Long time no Friday Edit. So, what happened in life recently? Winter seemed to be never-ending, and I felt stuck in Zurich, so I went to Berlin for a week to see friends and explore the city with the boyfriend. It was just what I needed. And, only a few days later I found myself in Leipzig with my best friend. I might dedicate some individual posts to those two trips soon. For now, let me say that getting out of your hometown definitely helps to get you out of a rut.

Fortunately, after I got back from Leipzig, spring arrived in Zurich and brought back green leaves, my good mood and my love for this city. By the end of this week, it already feels more like summer than spring – and I enjoy every ray of sun I can catch. I hope the weather is equally great wherever you are and that you will be spending your free days in the sun. Nevertheless, here are some links, songs, books and other things from the past weeks you might want to check out during the weekend. Enjoy!

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart & 2 Songs You Have to Listen to

I discovered a band called the Pains of Being Pure at Heart back when Facebook did not yet exist, and everyone was still hanging out on Myspace – yes, I am that old. I still love what they do and keep going to their concerts whenever they play in town. It’s great fun. So, I obviously enjoyed reading Kip’s account of their first gig at a festival in Spain in 2009.

I rediscovered one of my all-time favourite songs, “With Whiskey” by Tunng. I don’t know what it is about this one, but its melody and lyrics touch me every time I hear it.

Fakear was often on my headphones while walking the streets of Tokyo. Now he released a new album and this song called “Something Wonderful” that he recorded with Ana Zimmer is perfect for this weather.

Terrace House, the NYT Gender Letter & 80s Faves in the Light of #metoo

I am obsessed with Terrace House, that reality show from Japan you might have come across on Netflix. Is so relaxing to watch and lots of fun to hear Japanese. I also love how differently people interact compared to Western reality shows. Read more about the show and why it’s brilliant in this article in The New Yorker or head over to Netflix to watch it!

The Gender Letter – a weekly newsletter by New York Times Gender Editor, Jessica Bennett, sounds super promising – you can subscribe here or find a sample newsletter here.

Molly Ringwald wrote a brilliant piece for The New Yorker about the movies she filmed with John Hughes in the 1980s and what it feels like to revisit them in the light of #metoo.

Manhattan, a Parisian Bookstore & Restaurant Loos

This week I finished Manhattan by Niklas Maak & Leanne Shapton that I picked up in Berlin – they walk from the southern tip of Manhattan all the way up to the north and document the things they see in words and water-colours. It’s one of those books I wish I had written.

I love an old bookshop, and I think I might have to visit this one portrayed in Kinfolk Magazine next time I travel to Paris. Also, the article taught me a new English word: “curmudgeonly”.

Mister Rayner did it again and wrote another hilarious instalment of his Happy Eater column in the Guardian – this week he ponders on the problem with gender defined restaurant loos.

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