Friday Edit #9

“Swoosh, swoosh” can you hear them rushing by, those spring-time weeks? I am currently counting down the days until our vacation. There are 22 days to go, and I am already compiling lists of things to pack and books to read in my head. And now there is another long weekend ahead of us. In case you get bored, here are some things and links to inspire you.

Ceramics by Motel a Mio, Monocle taking foot in Zurich, the Penguin Modern Series

I recently picked a couple of a couple of books from the Penguin Modern series. They are perfect to bring on short airplane rides or to read on a single afternoon. I also like the design and typeface!

This ceramics label, Motel a Mio, from Munich is having a sample sale in Zurich this weekend. I went there on Friday, and I bought a few more plates than I needed. But they are so beautiful and can’t wait to plate some delicious foods on them.

Finally, after ten years or so Monocle have opened their first café and shop in Zurich. It’s super close to the office and looks rather nice and cozy. Find an interview with Tyler Brulée on NZZ Bellevue (in German) where he talks about Zurich and the future of journalism.

Missing NYC, Rhubarb Kefir Lemonade, Pretty Sunscreen by Salt & Stone

I don’t remember what sparked my longing for New York City. But I want to go back to the city soon. Since it probably won’t happen this year, I looked at the pictures from my last two trips to NYC instead and wrote down some thoughts about the High Line, including some things you can do Nearby.

I want to make this Rhubarb Kefir Lemonade one day. Unfortunately, the recipe only available in German, but maybe Google Translate can help you!

Isn’t the packaging for this natural sunscreen by Salt & Stone pretty? Unfortunately, I could not yet find a shop in Switzerland that sells it. I’d love to try it out.

On Walking & Creativity, Summer in Zurich, Beautiful Photographs from Teneriffa

Natalie from Work over Easy wrote a blog post called Walking & Creativity in which she lays out why she prefers to walk from A to B. I could not agree more. Walking is empowering as well as relaxing and definitely the best mode of transportation for short distances. Let’s walk more!

Articles about Zurich and it’s beautiful summers seem to be popping up everywhere, from blogs to larger publications. I enjoy this quite a bit and hope more people will be able to witness beautiful Zurich summers. If you need more convincing that a visit to my current hometown is worth your while, check out this article from the Conde Nast Traveller.

If you need more vacation inspiration, take a look at these photographs from Teneriffa. They are stunning!

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