#gobacktoblogging Just Got a Whole lot Harder

I know, I know. I am super late to the party and I could have prepared for the new General Data Protection Law much, much earlier than one week ahead of the deadline. But frankly, I could not be bothered. So today, after watching the wedding of Harry and Meghan, with an open mind I tried to bury my head in different documents concerning the new law and what that means for me as a blogger.

I need a drink to forget all about the GDPR.

I knew I should not have done it on a day like today. I already spent 2hrs trying to understand what I actually have to do to comply with the new regulations, to no avail.

I am not a lawyer, heck I am not even a business. I virtually do not earn any money with this blog. Yes, I do post an affiliate link from time to time and there are some google ads up here. But do you know how much I earned through them in the past year? Under 50 dollars. Do you know how much hosting of this blog cost me? Well, it’s more than that. If you add the hours I spend writing these articles and taking pictures you might be able to do the maths: I earn shit with blogging. But I still keep doing it because to me it’s a creative outlet. It’s a way to express myself and one of my favorite past times and it looks like this GDPR clusterf*** just killed my hobby. Thanks for nothing.

I know that these new regulations might be necessary to protect our data from the big companies, from fraud and manipulation. I get that, but couldn’t they have added a minimum turnover or something like that so that private people who run websites and even small businesses who cannot afford legal advice would not have to be bothered with this stuff?

I just don’t have the time, energy and technological knowledge to dive into the things I have to do in order to comply with the GDPR.

Yes, there are many helpful lists and links people sent me – thanks guys, but I am still super confused. Living in Switzerland, it even seems more complicated; I read somewhere that I need a representative in the EU as long as I have visitors from the EU. Can my Mom be my representative? Because I surely am not willing to pay someone a monthly fee – yes apparently there are already people offering this as a service – for representing my hobby outside of Switzerland. Seriously, I am super close to just giving up this blog for good.

Blogging used to be fun. For 10 years I have worked hard to not take too seriously. Still, I put lots of effort in this place. All for a handful of readers who seemed to enjoy what I do and for myself. But I am not sure if it’s worth it anymore.

For now, I will close the computer and I will leave this rant up here because I needed an outlet for my frustration. Because that’s what it this blog is, an outlet for myself, some place to share personal thoughts and stuff like that. It would break my heart if I had to give this place up, but seriously I just might, rather than having to fear to be admonished because I forgot to comply with paragraph xyz of that new regulation.

P.S.: This post probably puts me on the A-list of all those lovely people who earn their living going after people who do not comply with EU-regulations and rules; –one tip I read seriously said: write on your blog about the new regulations and how you tried to implement them so that everyone sees that you are aware of the topic. I am pretty sure they did not mean that kind of post.

P.P.S.: Sorry for the ranting and swearing. I know that neither very professional nor adult of me. But it’s my blog and I cry if I want to. And now I need a drink, hence the image for this post. It’s a Campari Soda. They are great.

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  • Herzlichen Dank für diesen Text, liebe Katrin. Du schreibst mir aus dem Herzen. Habe mich auch (selbstverständlich viel zu spät) erst gestern um das Thema gekümmert und bin ratlos. Und was passiert eigentlich, wenn wir nichts machen? Verschwinden dann unsere Blogs? Ich warte mal, wer auf deinen FB Post noch welche Inputs bringt, ansonsten hoffe ich weiterhin, dass du schreibst. Ganz liebe Grüsse, Nina