New In Beauty & Fashion – Summer 2018 Edition [AD]

Spring arrives and the good times begin, not only regarding the sunshine and the longer days but also fashion and beauty wise. This year it was an unusually warm April and May. So it already feels like summer. We skipped spring and moved our life back onto our large balcony. Also, I keep dreaming of our upcoming summer vacations on a remote island in the Mediterranean – more about that soon!

Oh, summer just is my favorite season. Also regarding fashion and beauty. Is there anything better than summer dresses, sandals, and summer skin? Unfortunately, this means that as soon as spring arrives, I start shopping – a lot. I try to adhere to my shopping rules, but this year I went a bit wild nonetheless. A trip to Berlin did not help. Out of all my purchases and new discoveries, I decided to share these summer fashion and beauty faves with you.

Some Summer Fashion and Beauty Faves 2018

Summer Fashion and Beauty Faves for 2018

1. Protective Facial Lotion by Aesop (AD/PR-Sample)

Finally, Aesop released a facial lotion with SPF-30 in Europe. It’s no secret that it’s important to wear some SPF on your face all the time. Especially on sunny days, I would not leave the house without sunscreen. Since my skin gets so much better, as soon the temperatures rise, on most days I can skip the toned foundation. So, after applying some serum and moisturizer, I just layer my face with this super light but effective sunscreen.

2. Uniqlo Cotton T-Shirt Dress

I bought this simple T-Shirt dress at Uniqlo in Berlin. It’s already one of my most worn outfits this spring. As soon as it’s warm enough to go without pants, I will wear it. I am certain that it will be one of my absolute favorites all through summer. It’s just so effortless and perfect!

3. Suzani Garden Eye Shadow Palette

I love most of the Eye Shadow Palettes by & Other Stories. They have the perfect color combinations, and I feel like that are decent quality, too. This particular palette seemed a bit bold at first. But in reality, the colors are not as bright as they seem. I like to apply the pink on my eyelids. Then I add a small amount of the green or gold shade under the eyes.

4. Crossover Sandals

I ordered these Sandals from Everlane as an alternative to my Birkenstocks. It’s always a bit risky to order shoes online, but they fit perfectly. The leather is super smooth and they were produced under fair conditions at a small factory in Italy. I look forward to wearing them to the office or when we go out to a bar or nice restaurant in summer.



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