Summer in a Jar: How to Make Preserved Lemons

Fresh lemons are one of my favorite ingredients. Their fresh, tangy taste is the epitome of summer. After finding a particularly lovely batch of organic lemons at the market, I decided to try and make some preserved lemons in order to store the taste and smell some for autumn and winter.

Summer in a Jar – How to Make Preserved Lemons | KTINKA

After browsing some recipes on the web, I realized that it is super easy to preserve lemons. The methods generally don’t vary that much and while many add spices like clover or cinnamon, I decided to try a very simple version using sea salt only. Learn how to make preserved lemons in this post.

How to make a Jar of Preserved Lemons

What you Need

For one jar of preserved lemons, you’ll only need these three things:

  • A bunch of very fresh, organic, unwaxed lemons (depending on size 4-5 should be enough)
  • Coarse or fine sea salt (approx 1/3 cup)
  • A clean, sterilized and sealable jar

How it’s done

Scrub the lemons under warm water and dry them off. Using a sharp knife, cut them into quarters. Fill some salt at the bottom of your jar and start adding the lemon quarters. Here you’ll want to work in layers, one layer lemons, one layer salt. Squeeze the lemons tightly into the jar so that they lose some of their juice.

When the jar is completely filled with lemons, add some more salt on top and seal the jar. Leave the jar at room temperature for about 2-3 weeks. You might want to shake the jar from time to time to dissolve the salt and lemon juice evenly. Afterward, store the lemons in your fridge. They will stay good for up to a year!

How to Use Preserved Lemons

There are many ways to use preserved lemons. You can take a quarter from the jar, slice it into tiny nubs and add them to a salad dressing, vinaigrette or a simple yogurt dip – they will add a tangy and salty taste at the same time. Or, you can make a simple pasta dish by just adding some olive oil, garlic and a couple of slices of preserved lemons. They also taste great in a marinade for grilled chicken, as an addition to home-made french fries and other roasted vegetables. Hell, you even put them on pizza, especially when you make one using feta instead of mozzarella.


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