Aesop in Rome – A Store Designed by Luca Guadagnino

It is always great when things I like come together. So, I have to feature this new store by Aesop in Rome designed by Studio Luca Guadagnino. Yes, the Luca Guadagnino who made himself known as the director of the great Call Me By Your Name the final installment of his Desire trilogy.

Studio Luca Guadagnino – from Filmsets to Interiors

In all three movies, grand houses and interiors play a central role. For Call Me By Your Name” it was a magnificent villa in the North of Italy filled with books and art. For I am Love” he picked the stunning Villa Necchi Campiglio – one of my favorite places in Milan. While he setA Bigger Splash”  – my personal favorite in the trilogy – in and around the stunning main-house of Tenuta Borgia on Pantelleria. Knowing these movies, their exclusive locations and their flawless set design, you can sense that he has a passion for interiors and architecture. So it came as a pleasant surprise that Guadagnino started a studio for interior design.

Aesop Store in Rome – Aesop Store San Lorenzo in Lucina

The Unique Concept of Aesop Stores

The skincare brand Aesop, one of the studios first clients, is not only known for their great products but for the whole aesthetic cosmos they built around their brand. At its heart is their rather unique retail concept. Every outlet has its one-of-a-kind architecture and interior that is inspired by the community, culture, and history of its location. The brand often commissions local design and architecture studios to design these stores. So, for their newest store in Rome, they picked Studio Luca Guadagnino – and it’s a perfect match.

Aesop in Rome – A Store Designed by Luca Guadagnino

Aesop in Rome

The small shop is located on the Piazza di San Lorenzo with a 5th-century church by the same name close-by. According to Aesop and the Studio, it was this church as well as other Roman buildings, like the nearby Pantheon, that influenced the design and the choice of materials of the store.

Aesop Store in Rome – Aesop Store San Lorenzo in Lucina

The travertine used for the floors pays homage to the interiors of the church, while part of the furniture has been clad in beautiful multi-colored marble from the region. Bales of straw give structure to the ceiling. They pay homage to straw roofs that were typical in the areas around Rome in the Antique and provide a perfect contrast to the noble materials like travertine and marble.

I particularly love the massive marble sinks that remind me of baptismal fonts in Catholic churches. To me, the whole interior breathes these slightly pompous but still elegant Italian aesthetics that I learned to love so much ever since I visited Milan, Bergamo, and Torino. I will have to visit the store if I will ever make it to Rome!

Aesop in Rome – A Store Designed by Luca Guadagnino

Disclaimer: All images via Aesop. This post is not paid but arose out of my appreciation of Luca Guadagnino, beautiful interiors, and Aesop as a brand.

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