Souris Calle – Memorial for A Cat

Luckily, my cat is alive and kicking. Yet I found this memorial to Souris Calle, the cat of artist Sophie Calle that died back in 2014, rather curious and wonderful. The compilation includes songs for Souris by Jarvis Cocker, the National, Brigitte and many more. Even Pharell Williams recorded a song for the deceased cat. 

Souris Calle Memorial LP – Cover
Image via Gallery Perrotin.

You can purchase the LP through the online shop of Gallery Perrotin only. it is certainly more expensive that your regular vinyl, but consider it as a work of art and the price for this limited edition record – there are only 900 LPs available, minus the one I just ordered  – might feel more justified. Obviously, you can also listen to all the songs on Spotify. Meow!

Souris Calle Memorial LP – Detail
Image via Gallery Perrotin.
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