New In Fashion – Autumn & Winter 2018 Edition

As I have told you before, the change of the seasons is always the time of the year when my urge to do some shopping is the biggest. This year I had a new between-seasons coat and some new laced boots on my list. Obviously, I did not stick to these two items, but ended up purchasing some other things as well. Here are some things for winter and autumn 2018.

Some Things for Autumn & Winter 2018

1. Ursula Tunic by Hackwith Design House via Clømes

I saw this tunic on the website of an independent Swiss online shop called Clømes and it was right up my alley. It’s made of the softest Tencel – one of my favorite materials – and has the best cut. It looks great combined with a pair of black skinny jeans and I am looking forward to wearing it all year round.

On the website of Clømes this tunic is already sold out, but you can find some other nice pieces by Hackwith Design House on their own website.

2. Double Sided Coat by Comptoir des Cotonniers

This autumn I finally decided to replace my old A.P.C. trench coat. Over the years it had become more grey than beige and it had some nasty coffee stains. At the same time, I got rid of a rather grim and old looking camel coat I had wore almost every day during the last three winters.  Luckily, I found this coat by Comptoir des Cotonniers that is the perfect replacement for both coats.

The coat is made from wool, but still feels very light. Tied up and combined with a scarf it is just the right thing for crisp autumn mornings. When it gets colder I will layer it with a cardigan or sweater and my black Acne scarf. I love how effortless it is. And this time I will be more careful with that portable coffee cup!

3. Rib Knit Dress by COS

While I can resist most fast fashion outlets, I still head into COS from time to time. They do have the most beautiful shop right on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. It’s located in an old bank building and amongst the racks of clothes you can still see signs pointing to the cashier’s desk or the vault with the saves – now home to the men’s department.

I appreciate COS for its dresses mostly and this rib knit number just fits perfectly. Knit dresses are my favorite thing to wear in autumn and winter. You can just throw them over a pair of tights, put on some boots and maybe add a necklace and end up looking well dressed – while feeling super comfortable.

4. iPhone Necklace by XouXou

I have been reluctant to buy one of these iPhone necklaces for quite a while now, but as I often wear dresses or pants with tiny pockets, I need something to carry my phone. After seeing my best friend with this one, it looked like the perfect solution to my problem. I was tempted to pick the minimalist black one, but ended up ordering one with an emerald string with golden details.

5. Black Polish Leather Boots by Vagabond

After years of wearing sneakers, boots have become my favorite kind of shoe a couple of years ago. Come autumn I get all excited that finally Birkenstock season is over and I can wear boots again. While I have a decent selection of boots already, I was missing a pair of simple laced boots. I finally chose these boots by Vagabond.

They have an unisex feel to them without being too bulky and I can wear them with skinny jeans or dresses. The pair already carried me through rainy London and while they were a bit uncomfortable at first, they turned out to be really comfy after I added a pair of heel cushions.



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