Some Personal Goals for 2019

The year is already some days old, but it’s never too late to come up with a couple of goals for 2019. I believe it’s good to reflect on these things, to set the tone for the upcoming twelve months. So, here are a couple of goals I set myself for my private life in 2019.

Explore More of Zurich

I love walking and exploring cities on foot, but while I am somewhat successful at this when abroad, I hardly do this in Zurich anymore. So I want to dedicate more time on the weekends and in the evenings to get to know my hometown better and to revisit favorite places. I will take my camera with me so that I can show you more of Zurich here on the blog.

Shop Less Clothes & Cosmetics

This year I will try to spend only a small budget on clothes that I need to replace in case they are broken or don’t fit anymore. I also want to buy fewer cosmetics and make-up. I know the things that work for me, so I will stick to replacing empties instead of trying out new products.

Experience More Art & Culture

Like last year I want to keep going to more exhibitions, museums, and concerts. I also want to see more plays at the theatre and go to the cinema from time to time. And, I want to grow my record collection.

Keep Reading

I read over 30 books in 2018, surpassing the number of books I read in 2017. In 2019 I want to keep reading. Also, I want to focus on those unread books that I accumulated on my shelves over the years before buying any new ones.

Practice Drawing

I bought myself an iPad Pro in December and started drawing on the Procreate App. It’s great fun, and I want to practice regularly, so I get better at it. Maybe I will even find my own style and be able to share some of my progress with you. Maybe.

Bring More Lunches from Home

To eat healthier and to produce less waste, I want to get better at meal-prepping and bring more lunches from home.

Start the Day Earlier

I love to sleep in. But, in 2019 I want to try and start my days earlier. So if you have any tips on how I can stop snoozing and get up the second my alarm rings, tell me!

What are your goals for 2019? 

4 replies on “ Some Personal Goals for 2019 ”
  1. Fürs frühe Aufstehen, besonders im Winter, kann ich dir nur ein Wake-up-Light von Phillips (sorry für die Werbung) empfehlen. Muss manchmal extrem früh zum Frühdienst raus und da ist der simulierte Sonnenaufgang ein echter Segen! Man wird ganz entspannt wach :)
    Frohes Neues,

    1. Liebe Tatiana

      Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. So ein Wake-Up-Light haben wir sogar schon und es hilft tatsächlich ein wenig. Allerdings kann ich offensichtlich auch bei Sonnenschein super gut weiterschlafen :)

      Dir auch ein frohes Neues!

  2. On waking up early, it’s important to find fun & joy in a new routine. I discovered that I previously spend unproductive 2 hrs between 11pm and 1am every day before going to bed. Tired and only more screentime. I shifted these 2 hrs into the morning from 6-8 and go to bed at 11. Try the domino technique like Casey Neistat. Paint on 24 pieces how you want to design each hour of your day and you’ll see how nice it can be to get up early

    Thanks for sharing your goals. And props for 30 books in 2018!

    1. Hi Oliver

      Yeah, I was thinking that going to bed earlier might help a lot. I will definitely try that! Let’s see how it goes.


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