Gentle Cleansing Milk by Aesop [AD]

Disclaimer: AD / I was gifted this product by Aesop, opinions remain my own.

A few weeks ago I received a package by Aesop with their new Gentle Cleansing Milk and I was more than happy to try it out. For a year or so, milk cleansers have become my go-to product for washing my face and removing make-up in the evening. I currently am very content with the Soothing Cleansing Milk by Dr. Hauschka, but trying something new is always great.

How I use Aesop’s Gentle Cleansing Milk

As you’d expect from an Aesop product, the Gentle Cleansing Milk has a quite distinct scent. It’s almost smells slightly medical, maybe from the Panthenol that’s used in the cleanser, but I personally do like it a lot.

The cleanser is rather liquidy, so I was not sure if you were supposed to use it on a wet face like other milk cleansers I know. On my first try, I just applied it on my dry face, and it worked great. I wiped it off using a Konjac sponge, but you can also use a damp cloth or rinse the cleanser off with some splashes of water. I just enjoy the extra scrub the Konjac sponge gives your face, especially the T-Zone.

After using the Gentle Cleansing Milk by Aesop, my skin felt clean, smooth and refreshed. Also, the cleanser did take off all of my make-up including mascara. Yay!

My Verdict

To wrap this up, I cannot tell if the Gentle Cleansing Milk by Aesop is better than other milk cleansers. If you do prefer a product that is a bit more neutral in terms of scent, the Soothing Cleansing Milk by Dr. Hauschka might be the better choice. I, however, started to alternate between the two milk cleansers and use the Aesop one when I want something a little bit more extra.

P.S.: The Aesop Gentle Cleansing Milk will be available at Aesop Stores starting April 1st – no joke!

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