Tenuta Borgia, Pantelleria

While enjoying the good life on Pantelleria, we stayed in a dammuso at Tenuta Borgia. Dammusi are buildings with thick stone walls and with domed roofs typical for the island.

I would have loved to stay at the main house where the movie “A Bigger Splash” was filmed, and that has this beautiful iconic pool. But, the smaller dammusi on the property are just as impressive. So, we picked Palmeto. With its extensive terrace, a private plunge pool, a cute little kitchen, a roof to sit on and the best views, the place was just perfect for the two of us.

Obviously, while we stayed at Tenuta Borgia, I could not resist going for little strolls around the premises with my camera. On these walks, I came across some kittens, the beautiful Arabian Garden that is open to all residents at Tenuta Borgia, and other beautiful sights.

The little Palm Grove next to our home at Tenuta Borgia | KTINKA
Poolside | Ktinka
Sundowns from the Roof of our Dammuso at Tenuta Borgia | KTINKA
Oh the Light | KTINKA
The Entrance to Our Dammuso | KTINKA
Volcanic Stone and Blue Skies do mix well | KTINKA
Cloud Formations | KTINKA
The Arabic Garden at Tenuta Borgia | KTINKA
Holiday Mood | KTINKA
The Arabian Garden | KTINKA
The Brightest Colours | KTINKA
Lemon Trees at the Arabic Garden | KTINKA
Vistas | KTINKA
The Main House at Tenuta Borgia | KTINKA
Cat Friend at Tenuta Borgia | KTINKA

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