California Souvenirs

So I am back from a wonderful two-week trip through California. The jetlag was awful, but I think by now I am over it. Additionally the rather cold weather in Zurich made the transition rather hard. But, today I stood by the lake for a few moments and while it is not the Pacific, it will do. Also, the time spent in Cali is still vivid in my mind and heart.

Some highlights of our trip included a hike in San Francisco, driving down the coast on the Pacific Highway, watching elephant seals in San Simeon, the desert in Joshua Tree and a visit to the Eames house in Pacific Palisades. As usual, I have taken heaps of photographs with my digital and analog camera. You will find some of them on my Instagram account, but I will be sharing more of them along with some stories from our trip on this blog soon.

Some Things to Remind me of Cali

Apart from photos a way to remember a trip or vacation are obviously souvenirs. Instead of picking up tacky crap from classic souvenir shop, to me the perfect reminders of a vacation are pieces of clothing I can wear back home, a beauty product that has a certain scent, a book or tunes I can listen to back home. For instance Beach House will forever remind me of my trip to Australia back in 2013.

In this tradition, here are a couple of things that will help me remember our time in California now that we are back home.

California Souvenirs

Light Being Tee by Mollusk Surf Shop – While I hardly ever wear shirts with prints anymore, this one just screams summer. I picked it up alongside other shirts and some comfy pants at Mollusk Surf Shop in SF. I wore it while riding the bike in Palm Springs and on our way to the desert.

Everyday Oil – At the General Store in San Francisco, I finally got my hands on the long coveted Everyday Oil. I started using it during the trip and it was the perfect remedy for the first slight sunburn I got. You can really slap in on all parts of your body and it certainly works magic on the face. It’s not a Californian product, but its smell will forever remind me of our trip.

Sunset BLVD by Donna Blue – I came across Donna Blue through an article in Frankie magazine. It was pretty clear that their tune “Sunset BLVD” would provide the perfect soundtrack for our trip. Back home I keep listening to it to bring back those holiday vibes.

P.S. I am still a bit angry at myself for not looking for the vinyl when we were at Amoeba Records in LA.

The Girls by Emma Cline – I carried this book to California and back again. When I go on a trip or vacation I like reading books that are set in the place I am visiting and this one felt like the perfect fit for the trip. I did not get much reading done while we were on the road, but I have taken it up since we came back and whilst playing in another era, it does transport me back to the West Coast.

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