Alamo Square, San Francisco

After arriving in San Francisco and getting settled at the Laurel Inn, our hotel in Pacific Heights, we went for an evening walk to Alamo Square close by. The area with a small park at its centre is most famous for the “Painted Ladies” – and their cameo in the opening credits of the 90s TV-Show “Full House”. But in the area and around the park you will find even more cute houses in the Victorian Style. And the park offers great views over the city.

When we went, it was already getting dark, so the photos I took are not super sharp. At the same time were lucky as we had most of the park to ourselves. The only humans we encountered were some locals hanging out with their families, friends or dogs. Yet, missing patches of grass infront of the “Painted Ladies” pointed to the fact that this must be an Instagram hotspot during the day.

Typical San Francisco houses | KTINKA
Parklife at Alamo Square, San Francisco | KTINKA
Sundown at Alamo Square, San Francisco | KTINKA
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