A Day Trip to the Marin Headlands

On the morning of my birthday, we picked up our rental car and went on a day trip to the Marin Headlands. After two beautiful and sunny days, the fog had taken over the city. So, the drive across the Golden Gate did not offer the views you might expect, but it was magical anyways.

Across the Golden Gate Bridge | KTINKA

At Golden Gate View Point

This was our first stop, the name of this parking spot points to the fact that you must get great views of the Golden Gate Bridge from here. Luckily we had already had a sunny day to take it all in a few days before.

Instead, we marveled at the fog as it was moving across the green hills and at some stone formations next to the road. Also, meet our car – yes, it’s a chlichée to ride around California in a convertible, but hey we were tourists after all.

Marin Headlands in the Fog | KTINKA
Marine Headlands | KTINKA
Golden Gate View Point | KTINKA


From here we drove along the coast for a little while towards what felt like the center of the Marin Headlands. But, as the fog was getting worse, we decided against a hike and for lunch in Sausalito.

There we found some sun, as the town is protected from the fog coming in from the Pacific by the hills and mountains of the headlands. We had lunch at the Barrel House Tavern where we sat on a terrace over the water and looked out onto San Francisco under the fog – a spectacular view and the burgers were decent, too.

Sausalito felt quite touristy. But we still went for a short stroll up and down the waterfront and then to see the infamous houseboats.

Sausalito | KTINKA
Looking out on San Francisco from Sausalito | KTINKA
Houseboats in Sausalito | KTINKA

Stinson Beach

From Sausalito, we drove inland. Initially, I had planned to visit Muir Woods, where you can actually see some redwood trees, but a road sign informed us that you have to have a reservation to visit the park. Instead, we went to Stinson Beach that had been recommended to us by a friend of ours.

Stinson Beach | KTINKA

Muir Beach

After a short walk up and down Stinson Beach, we got back into the car and decided to drive back to the city. But when we came past Muir Beach Overlook we decided to make another stop. Muir Beach looked so quaint and beautiful from up there, we now wanted to check it out, too. We went on a little walk to the beach and sat down there for a little while before saying “see you soon” to the ocean and heading back to the city.

Muir Beach Overlook | KTINKA
Muir Beach | KTINKA
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