Out and about in the Mission District, San Francisco

We spent most of our second day in San Francisco exploring the Mission District, including an extensive breakfast at Tartine Manufactory – which I revisited in this post – and a little hang in Dolores Park. Here is what we did and saw.

Heath Ceramics & The Aesthetic Union

Right next door to Tartine Manufactory you will find Heath Ceramics, a manufacturer of handcrafted kitchen goods and beautiful ceramic tiles. We obviously had to take a moment to browse the store from which you can also take a peek into the factory.

In the same complex, there is a small store called The Aesthetic Union. While they specialize in letterpress printing services, they have a beautiful selection of paints, brushes, and paper, as well as selected artworks and prints you can purchase.

Heath Ceramics
Inside Heath Ceramics, San Francisco | KTINKA
The Aesthetic Union, San Francisco | KTINKA

Walking towards Dolores Park

It’s a short walk from the complex that houses Heath Ceramics, the Aesthetic Union and Tartine Manufactory to Dolores Park. Here are some things we saw on our way:

In the Mission District, San Francisco | KTINKA
Mission District, San Francisco | KTINKA
Mission District, San Francisco | KTINKA
Mission District, San Francisco | KTINKA
Mission District, San Francisco | KTINKA
Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco | KTINKA

Dolores Park

After some detours down smaller streets between Mission and Valencia Street, we made it to Dolores Park. It was a super hot day, so we sat down on a park bench for a while, taking in the scenery and the mood of the park, as well as the wonderful view over the city you get from there. It also struck me how different this part of San Francisco feels compared to the Pacific Heights neighborhood that we had explored the day before.

Dolores Park, San Francisco | KTINKA
Dolores Park, San Francisco | KTINKA

Up Valencia Street

From the park, we walked back and up Valencia Street, where we browsed through some smaller shops like Acacia and the Everlane store. We also had coffee at Four Barrel Coffee before taking the bus back to another part of town.

Everlane in the Mission District | KTINKA

All in all, I have the feeling like we only saw a fraction of the Mission District and missed out on a few cool things to do – we had so many restaurant recommendations for the area. However, our feet were tired from all the walking the day before. So we decided to cut our visit short, but I have a feeling that one day we will be back.

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