A Morning in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco

After three full days, we left San Francisco and set out on our road trip. But not without a stop in the Outer Sunset district. While we only had time for breakfast, as well as a little stroll around the neighborhood and despite the gloomy and grey weather, it was here where I felt at home the most.

There were a couple of neat stores there – find my two favorites below. Also, people were heading to the beach in wetsuits, and the overall vibe was just very laid back. I also loved the colorful houses and makeshift gardens along the street.

Breakfast at Outerlands

I think Outerlands is a recommendation from the Monocle Guide – there is a little walk around the Outer Sunset in the guide that we followed to explore the area. We had some delicious salad, waffles, and sandwiches at Outerlands that we ate so quickly that I did not manage to take a decent photo. Just trust me, it’s a great breakfast spot.

Outerlands, San Francisco | KTINKA

Mollusk Surf Shop

We had parked the car directly in front of Mollusk Surf Shop. As it was mentioned in the Monocle Guide, we had to take a quick peek inside. We left the store with a couple of t-shirts for me – I already mentioned one of them in my California Souvenirs post – and a pair of ultra-comfy pants for the boyfriend. So much for a quick peek.

Mollusk Surf Shop, San Francisco | KTINKA

The General Store

On the same street as Outerlands, there is a shop called General Store. It’s one of those places where I could just purchase every single item, but I behaved myself and just purchased a bottle of the long coveted Everyday Oil.

The General Store, San Francisco | KTINKA

At the Beach

Despite the gloomy weather we went on a little walk along the beach. We were hoping to see some surfers. But they were already gone. All that was left were a fisherman, some people walking their dogs or going for a run and a stoic family camping out on the beach with their umbrellas and picnic gear.

Outer Sunset Beach | KTINKA
Outer Sunset Beach | KTINKA

It was right here on the beach that we said goodbye to San Francisco and headed onto the Highway 1. So this is probably the last I will tell you about San Francisco. We had a great time in the city. We also saw and did some more things other than those I told you about by now, but I tried to stick to the highlights!

Next up: the first leg of our road trip from San Francisco to Pacific Grove. I will keep you posted.

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