Tartine Manufactory, San Francisco

When in San Francisco, we had to visit Tartine Manufactory. We went there around lunch hour on a weekday, and after a short ten-minute wait, we were seated. I loved the industrial vibe of the place and the staff was super attentive and kind throughout our visit. We ordered some of their legendary bread with butter and I had the Avocado Smørrebrød from their lunch menu. Yum!

For dessert, I ordered a Morning Bun. My highlight! It reminded me a lot of those delicious Down Towners that I enjoyed so much at Sonoma in Sydney. I do need to learn how to bake these things.

Bread at Tartine Manufactory, San Francisco
Avocado on Toast
Morning Bun at Tartine Manufactory, San Francisco

At the bakery, you can also take a peek into their bread production and shop for loaves of bread, as well as Tartine merchandise.

Loaves of bread resting
Outside Tartine Manufactory, San Francisco

Tartine Manufactory is located in the Mission District. It’s a perfect starting point for exploring the area. Around the bakery, there are a couple of other cool places to check out, like Heath Ceramics, The Aesthetic Union, a beautiful art supply store, and the Yellow Owl Workshop Warehouse.

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