5 Books I Plan to Read this Summer

Phew, I guess I committed to quite a big thing when I decided to blog about our whole California road trip in a series of blog posts, instead of just giving you a summary of the trip. Well, I hope it does not annoy you too much and you experience some similar amount of joy and wanderlust like me when looking at them, as I am far from done.

I decided, however, that it would be nice to talk about some other topic in-between. So, let’s talk about books. Summer vacations and days by the lake or sea are coming up, so this is the perfect time to do this.

Five Books I Plan to Read this Summer

We bought a new bookshelf earlier this year. On that occasion, we went and organized our books. In the process, I found many that I had not even read yet. So, I resolved to read some of those before buying any new ones.

The following five made the shortlist for this summer:

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Autonauts of the Cosmoroute

I remember bringing this to a trip to Southern France in 2013. Somehow, I only read a couple of pages of it. It’s by Julio Cortàzar and Carol Dunlop, in May 1982 the couple drove from Paris to Marseilles in their VW camper van and spent thirty-three days on the autoroute. Their goal: to explore and discover the hidden side of the freeway. The setup still sounds super intriguing, and I cannot wait to get back into it.

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A Field Guide to Getting Lost

Another book I did not manage to read yet; it’s a collection of essays by Rebecca Solnit about wandering, being lost, and the unknown. I am still curious about this book. But, always found Solnit’s language rather complicated, so I will need a calm moment to read this.

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This one by Henry David Thoreau is a classic. I had bought it before we went on a trip to Wisconsin where we stayed in a cabin by the lake. I thought that that would be the perfect setting. But, somehow it wasn’t and I did not even do as much as open the book. It’s time will come, though. Maybe when we visit my parents for a week in August.

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The Beautiful Summer

I bought this short story by Cesare Pavese last year in late summer, but I was still reading other books back then. As I did not want to read a story set in Italy in the summer during winter, I kept it on the shelf. I will probably take this one to the lake one weekend afternoon. It is only 100 pages long, and I should manage to read it in one go.

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The Age of Magic

This book by Ben Okri takes place in Switzerland. I think I bought it shortly after I moved here. As I never really started reading it, I cannot even tell you what it is about – apart from what the blurb states and that’s somewhat cryptic – but the title and the fact that plays out close to where I live is intriguing. So, I will give this another go this summer.

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Are your shelves also filled with books you bought but never read? Which ones will you tackle this summer?

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