Elephant Seals in San Simeon

We came across the elephant seals in San Simeon at the end of our day around Big Sur. It was after dark, so we made just a quick stop here and decided to come back the next day.

A few kilometres from San Simeon, there is a little walkway above the beach that allows you to marvel at a large colony of elephant seals from a safe distance and without disturbing them. Depending on the season there are more or fewer animals on the beach. At peak times there are up to 17’000 elephant seals in San Simeon. When we visited in May, the beach was populated by female and juvenile elephant seals only. It was molting season during which they are rather inactive. Most of them were sleeping in piles; some of the younger ones were playing with each other.

They were an amazing sight, you get quite close to the seals and learn a lot about their behaviours and habitats through the signs along the way. There are also some volunteers at the site during day time. They can give you some more information about the animals.

On photographs, they look kind of weird and eerie, so I will leave it at the inital one. Rest assured, that all these guys and gals were alive an kicking!

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