One Night in Ojai

When we planned the trip to California, I was intrigued by Ojai from the beginning. I must have heard of the place somewhere in the past, and its name was stuck in my brain. Maybe it was this post by Maria all the way from 2013 that was still in my subconscious. But, not only did Ojai sound like a place worth exploring, but it was also located right in the middle between Big Sur and Palm Springs. And, when we found out about the Caravan Outpost where you can actually sleep in an airstream, we were completely sold.

5 Things we Did and Saw in Ojai

We did not have heaps of time in Ojai. We got a bit distracted by the Guadalupe Dunes on the way and had only planned to stay there for one night. Here are some things we did in saw in our short time there. To find out all about our home for the night, head on over to this blog post about the Caravan Outpost.

A Short Bicycle Ride Through Town

After checking in at the Caravan Outpost, we took two of the complimentary bikes they offer and drove into town. With little traffic and a flat layout, Ojai is a bicycle-friendly town. Also, the sun had come out – the first time since San Francisco – and under the blue skies and with the mountains looming in the distance, everything looked just very pretty.

Wine at Tipple & Ramble

Followed by our bike ride we headed for wine at Tipple & Ramble. It’s a small wine bar and store with a beautiful and very hip backyard. We arrived shortly before they closed. But, there was still time for some tasty California Whites and a nice chat with the bartender.

At Tipple & Ramble | KTINKA

Dinner at The Nest

For dinner, we picked The Nest of Ojai an effortless self-service restaurant right by the Main Street. They serve great drinks and lovely Californian cuisine. It’s also a great spot to do some people watching.

The Nest of Ojai | KTINKA

A Surprise Gig and Drinks at The Vine

After dinner, we pushed our bikes back to the Caravan Outpost. Suddenly, we heard music coming from a bar on the main road. It sounded quite promising, so we parked our bikes and went for a nightcap. One drink turned into three or more and a fun night at The Vine.

At this point, Ojai started to feel like paradise. A town nestled between sloping green hills, with wine in backyards, easy-going restaurants, and small gigs in bars. What else do you need?

Browsing the Shelves at Bart’s Books

I had read about Bart’s Books on some blog before we headed to Ojai. As I love a good bookstore, I had to go there the next day before we left for Palm Springs. It’s an open-air shop for used and new books. Outside you can purchase books through an honesty system – take a book and leave a few bucks in a coffee tin. Inside you find more books and cute reading nooks to read under the sun.

Bart's Books, Ojai | KTINKA

Some more Impressions from Ojai

Between those places, I took a few more pictures that actually do not do this place justice, but I will share them anyways.

In Ojai | KTINKA
In Ojai | KTINKA
In Ojai | KTINKA
In Ojai | KTINKA
Leaving Ojai | KTINKA

Bye bye Ojai – maybe we will be back one day!

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