The Negroni

The Negroni is a classic Aperitivo from Italy. There are plenty of variations of the drink; from the Americano to the Negroni Sbagliato. Here is the recipe for the classic version using Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth.

Autumn Kitchen #4

Whilst kids dream of spending a night alone in a toy store, I wish I could spend a night of cooking and eating at the grocery department of the Lafayette here in Berlin. All the different kinds of vegetables, cheeses, beverages and the packaging! Oh, the packaging! I secretly wish it was part of my

Autumn Kitchen #3

Autumn is apple season and since my little oat brittle endeavor, I could not stop thinking about an apple crumble with almond and nut brittle on top. I peeled and cooked the apples with a good amount of cinnamon before putting them in to a casserole. I covered up the whole thing with a simple

Autumn Kitchen #2

Most Sundays, while lying in bed and having a cup of tea to wake up, I think about breakfast. In my head I review the ingredients in the kitchen and start making a plan. Today I decided to make a very simple fruit salad from apples and mandarines, seasoning it with some lime juice and

Autumn Kitchen #1

Autumn & winter are my favorite times for cooking and baking. Whereas summer is mostly about eating light salads with steak and lots of fruit, these two seasons make me crave steaming hot dishes right from the oven. Luckily they provide us with wonderful kinds of vegetables like pumpkin and root vegetables of all kinds,