Before the rain

The weather these days is cold and rainy. Hard to believe that these pictures were taken a week ago – the sun was still out and we went on a walk towards the lake, passing through the university quarters, a hidden garden and the old town of Zurich. We passed meadows with flowers and those

Spring is near

(March 2015)   The change of seasons from winter to spring makes me feel like a kid on the day of her birthday party. Life outside reboots and the city reminds you what a great place it is. The rowers prepare their rowboats, my beloved Frauenbadi – this beautiful old bath-house floating in the Limmat

The Making of Most

Apples and pears are probably the #1 fruit in Switzerland. When driving from Geneva to Zurich in mid-August, the streets were lined with beautiful fruit trees already touting the bliss of fresh, delicious fruits in autumn. Autumn is also the season when Swiss people make Most from some of those apples and pears. Most is

DMY 2013

I enjoyed a short stroll through the old hangar of Tempelhof Airport during DMY – a trade fair for design. Lots of lamps, beautiful and weird shaped things struck my eyes. I just wish they had opened more parts of the former airport building for the occasion. I took these images with my Minolta SR-T

This is Lisa

Lisa is my bestest friend in the world, she is also the best colleague and the best ex-roommate. Ex-, not because we did not get along, but because of the love she found and moved in with. Something I am very happy about, even though I do miss her presence in the apartment dearly. Lisa


  Some pictures I took in the weeks after returning back to Berlin. I did miss home a little bit, too. All of these were taken with a Minolta SR-T 101 and Kodak Gold film, a perfect combination. Expect more analogue pictures in 2013!  

14 days.

  I started to count the days until this, starting at 50 and now all of a sudden I am down to 14.   14 days until I will board a plane flying across countries and oceans to another continent. Down Under, they call it. This time of the year it will be burning hot